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Is Frenchie Gay In The Boys? (Why Is Frenchie Gay?)

Frenchie is an important character on the TV show The Boys. He is good at fighting and selling guns. He joins a group that wants revenge on superheroes called The Seven.

Frenchie has had a hard life in the past and has been involved in violence. Now that the show is popular, people want to know if Frenchie is gay.

The question is: Is Frenchie gay in The Boys?

Is Frenchie Gay In The Boys?


Frenchie from the show The Boys is not gay, but he likes both men and women. This means he is bisexual.

In season 4 of the show, Frenchie has a boyfriend named Colin. Before this, Frenchie liked a woman named Kimiko, but they were just friends. Frenchie shows interest in all kinds of people throughout the show.

So Frenchie is not gay; he is bisexual. This means he dates men and women. Some fans were angry when they found out Frenchie likes men and women. They did not expect this about his character.

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Why People Question About His Sexual Orientation?

So is Frenchie confirmed bi/pan?
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People might want to know about Frenchie’s sexual orientation in “The Boys” for a few reasons:

Character Understanding: Knowing if Frenchie likes men or women helps us understand him better. It tells us more about who he is and why he acts in specific ways. This makes him feel more real to us.

Representation: Having characters that like different genders is important. It shows that all people are included and represented. When Frenchie is shown to like men and women, it can start talks and make people curious.

Story Parts: Frenchie’s relationships with other characters can change the story. His sexual orientation might lead to new events, problems, or solutions in the show.

Personal Connection: Viewers might relate to Frenchie’s experiences with his sexual orientation. This can make them want to ask questions and discuss so they can understand his character better.

Curiousness about the characters is okay, as it helps us connect with the story. However, we should respect all characters and real people’s identities and orientations. Everyone should feel comfortable being who they are.

What Does He Have to Say About These Gay Rumors?

Tomer Capon is the actor who plays Frenchie in “The Boys.” He has not talked about rumors of Frenchie’s sexual orientation. However, the show’s story and character development make it clear that Frenchie is bisexual.

In the series, Frenchie’s relationships and interactions with other characters, including a relationship with a man named Colin Hauser, show that he is bisexual. It’s important to know that these story parts are not based on rumors. They are part of Frenchie’s character growth.

Frenchie doesn’t seem to care what others think of his sexual orientation. He is shown to be comfortable with who he is. He is not afraid to show his feelings.

Having characters with different sexual orientations in media is important. It helps people understand and accept all people. Everyone should respect the identities and orientations of all characters and real people. Everyone has the right to identify how they feel most comfortable.

How Intelligent is Frenchie the Boys?

However, even though he has a strict background, he has what it takes to be described as a sympathetic person who loves his allies with all his heart. He also emerges as the most clever and skilled member of the team.

Frenchie in “The Boys” Dating Timeline

Frenchie in The Boys Dating Timeline

Frenchie is a character on the TV show “The Boys.” He has had different romantic relationships during the show.

Cherie: Frenchie used to date Cherie. She was his best friend. They also dated a man named Jay together. This was earlier in the show.

Kimiko: Frenchie and Kimiko have a very close bond. They care about each other deeply. However, they are more like family. Their relationship is not romantic. Kimiko says their bond is “weird” and that they are like family.

Colin Hauser: In Season 4, Frenchie starts dating Colin. Colin works at the Starlight House. Some fans were upset by this. They did not expect Frenchie to date a man. Some fans wanted Frenchie and Kimiko to date instead.


Has Frenchie liked people from different backgrounds?

Yes, Frenchie has shown interest in all kinds of people.

Was Frenchie unsure about dating Colin?

Yes, at first, Frenchie was not sure about dating Colin. But Kimiko supported him.

Did Frenchie date a man before Colin?

No, Frenchie’s relationship with Colin is his first known relationship with a man.

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