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Is Jack McBrayer Gay? The Truth About the 30 Rock Star’s Sexuality

For over 7 seasons on the popular TV show 30 Rock, actor Jack McBrayer played the very cheerful NBC page, Kenneth Parcell. With his sweet southern personality and innocent behavior, McBrayer’s Kenneth was one of the most liked characters in the award-winning series. However, his often over-the-top acting also made people wonder about the actor’s sexuality in real life. So is the real Jack McBrayer actually gay?

The Rumors

Jack McBrayer is best known for playing the naive NBC page Kenneth Parcell on 30 Rock. His innocent and cheerful acting on the show made many fans think he might be gay in real life. But is Jack McBrayer gay?

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Jack’s Marriage and Past Relationships

The short answer is no, Jack McBrayer is not gay. The 49-year-old actor has never directly talked about his sexuality, but he has been married to his wife Suzanne McBrayer since 2010. They met while both working at The Groundlings improv theatre in Los Angeles.

Before meeting his wife, McBrayer briefly dated comedian Melissa Rauch in the early 2000s, who later starred in The Big Bang Theory. There were also rumors he had a fling with his 30 Rock co-star Jane Krakowski around 2008, though neither confirmed this.

jack mcbrayer with Jane Krakowski

In interviews, McBrayer has talked positively about his wife Suzanne, referring to himself as a husband. For example, in 2013 he said “My wife doesn’t cook much anymore, but she’s a brilliant cook.” He does not have any children.

Acting Roles vs Reality

While McBrayer has played some gay roles, like a gay baseball player in the 2009 movie Eastbound & Down, the actor himself is straight based on his long marriage to a woman. His sensitive, soft-spoken way of acting as Kenneth made some people think he was gay, but this was just good acting.

His Famous 30 Rock Role

The Georgia native is very proud of his famous 30 Rock role, saying in 2022 “I love Kenneth, he is truly one of the most decent people ever.” McBrayer continues acting in movies and TV shows.

While McBrayer keeps his personal life private, all signs show he is straight and happily married to his wife of over 10 years. His former 30 Rock co-stars like Tina Fey have never said he is gay. Jack McBrayer may act campy on screen, but in real life he is simply playing characters, not representing his actual romantic interests.

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