Is Antony Starr Gay? Rumors Began With His Role

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Antony Starr, the talented New Zealand actor, is known for his roles in "The Boys" and "Banshee."


Rumors about Antony Starr's sexual orientation have persisted, intriguing fans and the media alike.

Is Antony Starr Gay? There is no conclusive evidence to prove that Antony Starr is gay.


Rumors began with Starr's role as Homelander in "The Boys," where he plays a charismatic and manipulative superhero.


Fans speculate about Starr's personality and sexual orientation due to his complex character portrayals.

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Starr's close relationships with co-stars, particularly Karl Urban, have also fueled the rumors.

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Antony Starr has not publicly confirmed or denied the rumors about his sexual orientation.


He focuses on his work and continues to play complex and nuanced characters, ignoring the speculation.

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Starr has been linked to several women over the years but has not confirmed any long-term relationships.


Antony Starr handles the rumors by focusing on his career and letting his work speak for itself.


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