Is Caitlin Clark Trans? Her Body Style Leads to Rumors

Image source : Fox News

Caitlin Clark, born on January 22, 2002, is a renowned American basketball player.

Image Source: The Today Show

She plays for the Indiana Fever in the WNBA, a major league.

Image Source: The Wall Street Journal

Caitlin Clark is not transgender. She was born a woman and remains so.

Image Source: People

Rumors about her being transgender arose from her remarkable play and historic stats.

Image Source: Forbes

These rumors may have been started by fans of opposing teams.

Image Source: NBC

Despite the rumors, Caitlin has responded with maturity and courage.

Image Source: Yahoo Sports

She focuses on living her life rather than debating about her identity.

Image Source: Golf Digest

Caitlin Clark is dating Connor McCaffery. They became a couple in April 2023

Image Source: NPR

For Clark’s 22nd birthday, Connor posted a loving message.

Image Source: FOX News

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