Is Erik Weihenmayer Gay? Cynthia Referred to Erik as "Gay"

Tanya Dalton

Erik Weihenmayer, a name synonymous with courage and resilience, has achieved remarkable feats despite facing immense challenges.

No Barriers

Born in New Jersey in 1968, Erik was diagnosed with retinoschisis, a rare eye condition that left him completely blind by 14.


Rather than succumbing to his disability, Erik embraced life's adventures, becoming a trailblazer in mountaineering and exploration.

Leading Authorities

The confusion around Erik's sexual orientation may have arisen due to a memorable on-air blooper involving news anchor Cynthia Izaguirre.

Leading Authorities

During an interview, Cynthia mistakenly referred to Erik as "gay," intending to say he was blind. It was a simple misunderstanding.

The Weather Channel

As a public figure, Erik has faced numerous challenges beyond climbing mountains, including rumors and misconceptions about his sexuality.

SGB Media

Erik focuses on his mission: inspiring others to overcome their own barriers. He remains grounded, emphasizing authenticity and resilience.


Erik met his wife, Ellie Reeves, while working as a middle-school teacher. Ellie has been a steadfast partner, supporting his adventures.

Investor's Business Daily

Erik's expeditions around the world have brought him close to people who share his passion for adventure, enriching his life.

The Aspen Times

In 2014, Erik kayaked the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon alongside Lonnie Bedwell, another blind adventurer.


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