Is Jace Norman Gay? Supportive Of LGBTQ+ Rights


Speculation surrounds Jace Norman, Nickelodeon star, about his sexual orientation.


Jace Norman is a famous actor known for "Henry Danger" and "Game Shakers" on Nickelodeon.

In 2016, rumors about Jace's sexuality began due to his supportive LGBTQ+ posts.


Jace's social media posts supporting the LGBTQ+ community fueled the rumors.

Fox Business

Jace has never confirmed or denied the rumors, choosing to focus on his work.


Jace emphasizes the importance of respecting privacy and not making assumptions.


Jace has been linked to several actresses and models over the years.

Us Weekly

Rumored to be dating Cree Cicchino, co-star from "Game Shakers."

Celebrity Net Worth

Linked to model and actress Lily Chee, but neither confirmed the relationship.

Famous Birthdays

Jace handles scrutiny with professionalism, maintaining a positive public image.

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