Is Junelle Bromfield Gay? Rumors Just Started About Her

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Rumors about Bromfield's sexual orientation have been circulating. Let's explore the truth.

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There is no credible information to suggest Bromfield identifies as gay or lesbian.

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Speculation about Bromfield's sexual orientation likely started due to her association with Noah Lyles, who supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Bromfield has not publicly addressed the rumors, focusing instead on her athletic career and relationship with Lyles.

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Bromfield and Lyles started dating after a seven-year friendship. They celebrated their first anniversary in August 2023.

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Bromfield joined Lyles at the World Championships in Budapest, where he won gold medals in the 100m and 200m events.


The couple went on a vacation to Jamaica, enjoying a leisurely bicycle ride and sharing adorable photos on social media.


Bromfield has been making headlines for her impressive performances on the track.

Bromfield and Lyles are a testament to the beauty of love and acceptance in all its forms.


Junelle Bromfield's relationship with Noah Lyles remains a topic of interest, but there is no credible evidence to suggest she identifies as gay or lesbian.

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