Is Natasha Hamilton Gay? Uncover the Truth About Her

The Independent

Liverpool Echo

Natasha Hamilton, a renowned English singer and stage actress.

Yahoo Movies Canada

Natasha Hamilton is not gay, based on available information.


She has been in relationships with men and has children.

Yahoo News Singapore

Rumors might stem from her husband’s surname, Gay.


Gay’ is a surname, not reflective of Natasha’s sexual orientation.


There’s no specific info on how Natasha handles these rumors.

Yahoo Finance

She continues to live her life openly, sharing personal milestones.

OK! Magazine

Natasha has had several relationships in the past.

Irish Mirror

After splitting from Ritchie Neville, she began dating Charles Gay.

Daily Star

Natasha and Charles got engaged in the same year.

OK! Magazine

Natasha and Charles tied the knot in 2021.


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