Is Andi Peters Gay? His Confusing Relationship History

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Talented actress, plays Ana in HBO Max series “Generation.”

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Yes, Nava Mau is a transgender woman. She’s an acclaimed filmmaker and actress advocating for trans rights.

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In Netflix’s ‘Baby Reindeer’, she played a transwoman, increasing trans visibility and representation in media.

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Nava contributes to healing justice and culture change, partnering with community-based service providers and survivors.

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Nava first acknowledged herself as gay, then genderqueer, and finally as a transgender woman.

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She was outed at school and home, leading to her transferring institutions to declare her sexuality.

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Nava wishes for understanding towards trans people. She advocates for authentic representation in media.

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Nava Mau is single. For latest updates, refer to her official social media profiles.

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