By  Chris Williams | June 18


Is Perri Kiely Gay?  Friendship With Jordan Banjo Fuels Speculation 


Is Perri Kiely Gay?

Rumors surround British reality TV star Perri Kiely's sexual orientation.

Radio Times

How Did It Start?

Perri Kiely's portrayal of a gay character on "Sick Note" sparked curiosity.

OK! Magazine

Close Friendship

Perri Kiely's friendship with Jordan Banjo fuels speculation about his personal life.

Fan Casting

How Does He Handle It?

Perri Kiely keeps quiet about the rumors, focusing on his career and personal life.

Daily Mail

Perri Kiely's Love Life

Rumored relationships with Kim Tserkezie and a mystery woman.

Lunar Talent

Relationship with Kim Tserkezie

Perri Kiely was linked to his "Sick Note" co-star Kim Tserkezie.

The Irish News

Mystery Woman

Perri Kiely was spotted with a mystery woman, but the relationship was short-lived.

The Media Eye

Relationship with Emily

Perri Kiely was linked to Emily, but the relationship did not gain much attention.

Planet Radio

The Truth

Perri Kiely's sexual orientation remains a mystery, but his fans continue to support him.

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