Is Riley Gaines Trans? Are They Real or Just Rumors

Fox Business

Assigned Media

Riley Gaines is a talented swimmer. She has won many awards. Riley is proud of her achievements.

Fox News

Some people think Riley might be transgender. This is not true. Riley is a cisgender woman.

Detroit Free Press

Riley was born in 1999. She has always identified as female. Riley is proud of who she is.

The Tennessean

The rumors started because of debates about transgender athletes.


Riley has a strong athletic build. This led some to question her gender.


Riley addresses the rumors directly. She affirms she is a cisgender woman.

Times Now

Riley sets a good example. She responds with grace and confidence.


Riley and Louis met in college and are married. They support each other.


Riley Gaines inspires with resilience, dedication, and staying true to herself.


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