Is Taylor Tomlinson Gay? Explore Comedian Sexual Orientation

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Taylor Tomlinson, a rising comedy star, faces speculation about her sexuality after her recent special.


In "Have It All", Tomlinson discusses her exploration of bisexuality and dating challenges.

The Seattle Times

She jokes, "I've been trying to figure out if I'm bisexual, or if I just binged Euphoria too fast."

Rolling Stone

"Hitting on a woman feels like skipping a stone, hitting on a man feels like throwing a brick."

The New York Times

Tomlinson's candid discussion suggests she may identify as bisexual or is exploring her identity.


Rumors likely started from her open discussion and the fact that she has three queer siblings.

Los Angeles Times

Tomlinson uses humor to address rumors, joking about having to "prove" her bisexuality.


She mentions a recent breakup and struggles with dating straight men, sharing limited details.

Taylor Tomlinson

She briefly discusses a past relationship ending due to her partner's infidelity.


Tomlinson handles speculation with humor, openly discussing her journey in her comedy special.

Men's Journal

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