Is Zach Herrin Gay? Exploring the Rumors and Facts

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Zach Herrin, a talented racer, defied odds by coming out as gay, showing courage and resilience.

Born in Los Angeles, Herrin's love for racing began early, learning to ride bikes at just four years old.


After moving to Georgia, Herrin's racing dreams grew. His family even built a racetrack in their backyard.


As his career flourished, Herrin struggled with his sexuality, fearing acceptance in the racing world.

Out Magazine

He heard slurs at the tracks and knew of no openly gay drivers, causing him to lose focus and leave racing.


During his break, Herrin embraced the LGBTQ+ community, meeting his boyfriend at Atlanta Pride.


He feared sponsor reactions but returned to racing as an out gay man, inspiring many with his bravery.


After nearly six years away, Herrin debuted in the NASCAR ARCA Series in Phoenix, met with positivity.


Herrin's journey is a beacon for LGBTQ+ individuals in tough industries, showing pride in his identity.


Marc Guéhi remains dedicated to his football career, keeping his personal life private.


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