Last updated: April 01, 2024

This is how we utilize your personal information on Let’s see it together.

Who Takes Charge?

Chris Williams operates the website and is liable for keeping all your details. If you have any queries, you can email him at

How We Use Your Information

We are gathering information from you to do a couple of things:

To handle the mentions area on our website.

You are free to respond whenever you call us via our form.

We obtain this data simply from what you type into our forms and cookies (small text files) stored on your device.

Sharing Your Data

Sometimes, we need to share details about ourselves with others according to the agreement we have made with you or due to legal requirements. For example:

  • Website hosting companies keep our website running.
  • Companies that run our remarks section.
  • Our reliable staff and assistants make sure the site functions well.
  • Marketing organizations that promote our services.

Don’t worry; we’ll only share what we need to and not keep it forever (primarily for advertising, not more than three years).

Your Rights, Your Choice

As a user of our system, you own some rights regarding your data. You can demand us to:

Tell me the kind of information we have about you.

  • Correct any mistakes in your details.
  • Wipe off your details from our files.
  • Restrict how we use your data.
  • Relocate your details to another platform.

Otherwise, you may opt out of how we utilize data for specific purposes such as advertising. If you are worried about this, report to Poland’s Personal Data Protection Office.

It is up to you whether you give us your data, but it is necessary to work our website effectively. We may use automated processes to study your data and provide better services or personalized advertisements.

We will only send the information outside the European Union when necessary and on condition that all rules are followed.

Hopefully, this explanation has helped clarify how we use your information.

How We Monitor Things

We also keep track of your movements and actions while you are on the site.

Marketing Tools We Deploy

Google Analytics, a service provided by Google in the USA, is helping us understand traffic more. It doesn’t matter, but we don’t ask them any specific questions about who our services are used by besides sending them anonymous data.

This is where cookies come into play because they are embedded as small files in your computer systems. However, there is a place that allows you to see and manipulate marketing information collected about you by Google from their ads:

We also use other tools that create heat maps (pictures showing where people click and scroll on our pages) and record general user behavior on our site. However, this data is entirely unknown, so we don’t know who clicked on it.

We don’t record passwords or any other personal sensitive details.

Our system can send you emails after visiting specific pages on our website, but only if you’ve agreed to receive marketing emails.

Understanding Those Tracking Cookies

The website utilizes cookies. Cookies are files containing computer data stored in a user’s gadget, especially text files; they aim to use the website’s web pages.

These most frequently entail the site’s name of origin, their duration on terminal equipment, and their unique number. The website operator is the party behind cookies placed in the user’s terminal equipment and having access to them.

These include:

This means that users can go directly to any subpages after signing in without being asked to re-enter their logins and passwords every time.

Those may be considered necessary marketing techniques that help achieve the targets mentioned above. Our website uses two main types of cookies: “session” and “persistent”.

However, persistent files are saved for specified periods in cookie parameters or until a user uninstalls them. In contrast, session ones exist until a person leaves a webpage, logs out, or closes their browser.

Web browsing software (web browser) typically uses cookies by default. Nonetheless, users can adjust their preferences for cookie usage, and browsers offer some options for deleting them. It is even possible to disable them altogether.

All the necessary details about this topic are in the browser’s help or documentation section. However, some website features may not work if cookies are disabled.

As such, they can also be used by the operator’s partners, such as Google (Google Inc., USA), Facebook (Facebook Inc., USA), and Twitter (Twitter Inc.).

What Is the Way of Expressing and Removing Agreeance at Work?

You can adjust your browser settings if you don’t want to get cookies. We cannot allow our websites to access authentication processes, security processes, and maintenance of personal settings with cookies that prevent them from eating us out, which we need for these purposes and can be done in exceptional cases.

Nonetheless, completely ruling out a possibility is difficult.

To set cookie choices, follow these prompts based on your current web browser:




Mobile devices:


Safari (iOS)

Windows Phone


Internet Explorer