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Is Anthony Bridgerton Gay? Exploring His Sexuality in Bridgerton

With his brooding good looks and tormented romantic endeavors, Anthony Bridgerton has emerged as a fan-favorite character on the hit Netflix Regency-era drama Bridgerton. While the eldest Bridgerton son has pursued love interests with women like Siena Rosso and Kate Sharma, his sexuality has been a topic of vigorous discussion and debate among viewers. Is the Viscount homosexual, bisexual, or simply a heterosexual man grappling with vulnerability? Let’s dive into the evidence and theories.

Since the hit Netflix period drama Bridgerton debuted in 2020, fans have been captivated by the charming yet troubled Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. While his romantic endeavors with women like Siena Rosso and Kate Sharma have been central storylines, some viewers have speculated that Anthony may be homosexual or bisexual. Let’s explore the evidence and theories around Anthony’s sexuality.

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The Intimate “Brotherly” Bond 

One of the biggest pieces of evidence fueling the “Anthony is gay” theories is his deep bond with Henry Granville in season 2. The two shared lingering looks, intimate conversations, and a level of emotional vulnerability that seemed beyond friendship. Some fans read a romantic subtext into their scenes together.

The Siena Rosso Affair 

Before meeting Kate, Anthony was entangled in a years-long on-and-off affair with the opera singer Siena Rosso in season 1. While enamored with Siena, he struggled with committing fully due to her lower social status. Their intense physical chemistry seemed to confirm Anthony’s attraction to women. However, his inability to marry Siena or reciprocate her emotional vulnerability has led some to question if he was sublimating deeper feelings.

Queerbaiting or Period Accuracy? 

However, others argue his relationship with Henry is a classic example of an intensely intimate male friendship common among aristocratic men in Regency-era England. Portraying queer-coded closeness only to reveal the characters as straight could be seen as offensive “queerbaiting.”

Courting Women, Masking Truth? 

Of course, Anthony has pursued serious courtships with heterosexual interests like Siena and Kate. But some viewers think he could be bisexual or struggling with internalized homophobia common in that era. His inability to consummate relationships may stem from confusion over his sexuality.

The Creators Remain, Coy, 

In interviews, showrunner Chris Van Dusen has stated Anthony is definitively heterosexual and his story explores intimacy issues tied to trauma from his father’s death. However, he hasn’t outright condemned fans’ queer readings either.

Groundbreaking LGBTQ+ Representation

While Anthony’s sexuality remains ambiguous, Bridgerton has been lauded for featuring other queer characters and relationships quite progressively for its historical setting. LGBTQ+ fans have appreciated this representation.

The Jury Is Still Out 

As Bridgerton continues, we may get more definitive answers on Anthony’s sexuality one way or the other. For now, the mystery and fraught romantic tension make for delicious drama that fans will surely keep analyzing.

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