Is Bruno Mars Gay

Is Bruno Mars Gay? Gay Rumors Against Him Make Him Popular

Mention Bruno Mars, and you think of unbelievably good concerts and his chartbusters, “24K Magic” and “Uptown Funk,” as well as his Grammy winnings. He is a unique musician blending pop, soul, R&B, and funk to produce music all age groups enjoy.

However, some people show interest in the personal life of Bruno Mars, so much so that they would like to know whether he is gay or not. There are so many tales and gossip about it, but we should get to the bottom of the matter while at the same time reminding people to respect this person’s private life.

Is Bruno Mars Gay?

Probably, Bruno Mars isn’t a homosexual, as there are indications of his denial and continuation of a romantic relationship with Jessica Caban. This means that the beliefs about his sexual orientation are groundless and cannot be relied upon.

His words have always been loud and clear: “I am me”. The fact that he has an intimate relationship with Jessica Caban substantiates this.

Thus, this shows that he is a heterosexual man. For as long as he is sincere in his interactions with her, it would be unnecessary to ask whether or not he is gay.

How Does Bruno Mars’s Gay Rumours Begin?

How Does Bruno Mars's Gay Rumours Begin

Bruno Mars gay rumors started swirling around the media a few years ago, with conversations that go back to 2012. The rumors gained momentum and took the interest of many people, particularly his followers. 

These allegations were denied by his representatives and dismissed as false. Still, they continued to be a topic of the town. Several sources, among them Reddit posts and memes on Know Your Meme, have talked about these rumors and the related controversy regarding Bruno Mars’ sexual orientation. 

Also, there is a video on YouTube called “Bruno Mars admits he is gay” from 2016 that added fuel to the fire.

Bruno Mars Addresses and Dismisses Gay Rumors

Rumors started on CNN iReport after a story was posted claiming that Bruno Mars had publicly announced that he was gay. The article, however, did not stay online for long but was later deleted. This made Bruno Mars trend on Twitter.

As Gossip Cop notes, claimed that Bruno Mars confided to a tiny radio station in Chicago that he is homosexual. They claimed it was just an April Fool’s Day prank, but it became real.

“I didn’t realize it was April Fool’s Day until now,” said Bruno Mars during the interview. “I’m just hoping this doesn’t get too serious.”

Bruno Mars’ representative has stated that both stories are fabricated and untrue.

Bruno Mars Girlfriend Timeline

Bruno Mars Girlfriend Timeline

Bruno Mars, the famous singer, has been in a few crucial relationships throughout his life. Let’s take a look at the timeline of his girlfriends:

Chanel Malvar

During this period, Bruno was in a relationship with Chanel Malvar, who worked as his backup dancer. She kept posting pictures of both of them on her MySpace page, which made it public. 

It is said that their love story ceased after Chanel discovered that Bruno cheated on one person.

Rita Ora 

Another woman whom Bruno fell during this time was Rita Ora, the singer. When he met her, he had been hired to help her write some songs. 

The lady, however, referred to it as love at first sight, but their busy schedules finally led to the end of it.

Jessica Caban

From 2011 until now, Bruno has dated model and actress Jessica Caban

Over the few years as a couple, they have maintained low profiles, making few public appearances together, including a move by Jessica to live with Bruno in his mansion in Los Angeles in 2012 summer. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bruno confessed that “When I Was Your Man” was written about Jessica during a difficult patch in their relationship she had endured.

In summary, Bruno Mars’ explicit denial of the rumors, coupled with his deep romantic ties to Jessica Caban, there is no doubt that the rumors about his sexuality are unfounded and simply. 

The unswerving position taken by Mars and his dedication to being genuine also buttresses his claim as a heterosexual man. This states Bruno Mars is not gay.

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