Is Damian Priest Gay

Is Damian Priest Gay? Fans Refer To Him As “Bisexual Undertaker”

Luis Martínez is Damian Priest’s real name. He is an American wrestler. As a WWE personnel, he performs on Raw. One of his affiliation groups is called The Judgment Day. Damian Priest holds the World Heavyweight Championship Title for the first time.

Before joining WWE, he worked at other wrestling companies, such as Ring of Honor (ROH) and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). Damian Priest’s ring name during that period was Punishment Martinez.

Let’s learn more about Damian Priest, including his personal life and some rumors online.

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Is Damian Priest Gay? (Some Speculation About His Sexuality Due to Some Stereotypes)

Is Damian Priest Gay or bisexual? Even though Damian Priest has not spoken openly about whether he is gay or bisexual However, there has been some speculation concerning Damian Priest’s sexuality due to some stereotypes linked to him, and considering that he has never confirmed any information regarding his relationship or expressed anything concerning his sexuality. 

We do not know if he is straight gay or bisexual; we don’t have that information. People’s personal lives should be respected because privacy matters a lot. If he ever chooses to make it public, he must say this to himself.

Why Speculation About Damian Priest Begins Recently?

Why is Damien Priest the Bisexual undertaker? Is he actually Bisexual?
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The social media fans refer to Damian Priest as the ‘Bisexual Undertaker.’ It is because of this that some people imagine that he might be gay or bisexual. 

Nevertheless, there is no concrete evidence suggesting that Damian Priest is either gay or bisexual. For instance, he has never spoken about anyone with whom he may have had a romantic attachment.

While fans can speak about Damian Priest’s sexual orientation, it should be remembered his personal life and relationships are not public. We must not speculate or assume if someone is gay. Whether Damian Priest likes men or women or whether he is gay are things only for him to know. However, we will update you once we have more info on his personal life.

What Was The Demian Priest’s Reply To These Rumours?

In a new interview, Damian Priest recently talked about those rumors swirling around about his personal life. They brought up those tweets calling him the ‘Bisexual Undertaker,’ a nickname some folks online have given him. His response? He admitted he’s not even sure what that means. Plus, he spilled the beans that Rhea Ripley, another wrestler buddy of his, gets a good laugh out of fans calling him ‘Baby Girl.’

Who Is Damian Priest’s Wife?

Who Is Damian Priest's Wife

There is not much available solid information on Damian Priest’s love life. He’s quite adept at hushing over things and has not revealed any details about whom he’s dating. 

Some whispers have been made, such as claims about him dating Mandi Elaine, but no concrete evidence exists. Damian loves to keep his stuff to himself and would rather concentrate on his wrestling profession than discuss his love life. 

Damian Priest’s Past Relationship Timeline

Damian Priest's Past Relationship Timeline

In the past, Damian Priest has been associated with several wrestling personalities. These include Nikki and Brie – the Bella twins. He’s also been seen with other wrestlers like Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, and Raquel. It has led to speculation on his love life.

Additionally, Damian Priest was in a relationship with Mandi Elaine (as mentioned earlier). Nevertheless, Damian does not confirm that he is dating her. He maintains high walls when it comes to his private matters.

In addition, in 2022, there were numerous allegations of cheating made against Priest by an Instagram user out of nowhere. Screenshots were shared on Twitter while Chyna Claire Lopez accused him of having cheated in her tweet on his girlfriend with two other girls.

Always respect individual privacy without making assumptions regarding peoples’ lives based only on rumors or speculations.

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Is Damian Priest gay?

There is no public information about whether Damian Priest is gay or not. He keeps his personal life private.

Is Damian Priest married?

As of 2024, Damian Priest is not married. He is single and focused on his wrestling job. No one has seen him dating in public.

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