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Is Ian Wright Gay? Referred to Same-sex Adoption As “Unnatural”

Ian Wright is a renowned former English footballer. He played for Crystal Palace and Arsenal and is known for his pace and goal-scoring abilities. During his career, he scored an impressive 287 goals in 581 appearances. Also, he was present in the English national team.

After retiring from professional football, Wright switched to television and radio as a personality while often commenting and analyzing sports where he excelled.

There is considerable public interest because of his immense popularity to find out more about Wright’s private life, such as his sexual orientation. “Is Ian Wright gay?” is the question we will handle in this article.

Ian Wright Quick Facts

Full NameIan Edward Wright
Date of Birth3 November 1963
Place of BirthWoolwich, England
Height5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Senior CareerGreenwich Borough, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, West Ham United, Nottingham Forest, Celtic, Burnley
International CareerEngland B, England
AchievementsPremier League title, major domestic cup competitions, European Cup Winners Cup
Total League Games581
Total Goals287
England Caps33
International Goals9
Post-RetirementTelevision and radio personality
FamilyTwo sons, Bradley and Shaun, are retired professional footballers

Is Ian Wright Gay?


Ian Wright has been married to Nancy Hallam since 2011, and they have two children together. He also has eight children from his four relationships. So, there’s no public information that suggests that Ian Wright is gay.

Nevertheless, it’s worth recalling that one’s sexual orientation is one’s own business. Therefore, it would be better to rely on reliable sources rather than base someone’s sexual orientation on rumor.

Why Rumors Begin Around His Sexual Orientation?

In relation to the issue of same-sex adoption and perceived homophobia, advice on Ian Wright’s sexuality was made based on some controversial remarks he made.

In 2009, Wright was alleged to have been anti-gay in his speech, where he referred to same-sex adoption as “unnatural” due to the absence of biological activity by both male and female parents.

As a result, these statements fueled heated discussions, with some people labeling him homophobic. Afterward, Wright apologized for remarks that were considered poorly thought and spontaneous.

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What Was Ian Wright’s Initial Reaction to the Gay Rumors?

Ian Wright’s first reaction to the gay rumors was to make a comment that was seen as homophobic. While talking on BBC Radio Five’s Monday Night Club, Wright interrupted fellow presenter Rory Smith, who was talking about the dangers black and gay fans might face at the World Cup in Russia. Wright said, “I won’t wear a dress,” which left the other presenters momentarily speechless.

Ian Wright Dating Timeline

ian wright dating timeline

Sharon Philips is the mother of Ian’s eldest sons, Shaun and Bradley Wright-Phillips. Shaun was adopted by Ian when he was 3 years old. Both Shaun and Bradley followed in their father’s footsteps and became professional footballers.

Deborah Wright and Ian tied the knot in 1993, and they have a son named Stacey and a daughter named Bobbi. Stacey is a keen rugby player.

Ian has another son named Brett from a different relationship. Brett had a trial with Reading in September 2005 and played for their reserve team.

Ian is currently married to Nancy Hallam. They got married in 2011 and have two daughters together, Lola and Roxanne.

Ian has a daughter named Coco, whom he supports, from another relationship.


Is Ian Wright a married man?

Yes. The marriage was held in 2011 between Nancy Hallam and Ian Wright.

Has Ian Wright fathered any children?

Yes, two of his sons, Bradley and Shaun, are retired football players.

Has Ian Wright ever made an anti-gay comment?

Yes, he has once said homophobic, which he later regretted his utterances deeply.

Does Ian Wright have a favorable opinion on homosexuality?

No specific information is available regarding his view on this matter, although he expressed remorse for making an anti-gay statement sometimes in the past.

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