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Is Jacob Payne Gay? Real Truth Behind His Sexual Orientation

You’ve probably come across the name Jacob Payne. He’s made quite a mark in the professional football arena, earning awards for his remarkable career. But Payne’s presence extends beyond the turf; he’s also made waves in reality television. 

Yet amidst his actions, whispers about his sexual orientation have provoked interest. Today, we will find our more in-depth “Is Jacob Payne Gay?”

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Is Jacob Payne Gay?

Is Jacob Payne Gay

Jacob Payne is not gay. He and his wife are happily married and share a daughter, which shows they are both straight.

Additionally, Jacob and his wife are strong supporters of LGBTQI++ people. They take part in pride events, which shows that they are open-minded and want to stand with the LGBTQ+ group.

How Did The Gay Rumor Started About Jacob Payne?

Jacob was spotted shirtless in a picture with the gay adult star Trap Boy in Atlanta, which led to assumptions about his sexual orientation. Nevertheless, Payne’s wife decided to speak for her husband.

According to her:

“First of all, Mediatakeout! That photo was taken at my event, and that guy just wanted a picture with my husband. Yeah, I sometimes throw parties for the gay clubs. Yes, sometimes I go to pride festivals… now is it an issue if my husband or I take pictures with our fans? 

Jacob Payne Love life

Jacob Payne Love life

Jacob’s love life, a topic he rarely discusses openly in public, is well known to us since his wife appeared on reality television.

They met and started dating in October 2011 and married secretly in 2012. Their wedding was a two-part episode on “Bridezillas,” aired on October 28 and November 4, 2012.

Natalie confirmed being pregnant on November 12, but she also admitted having a miscarriage in February 2015. 

She announced that she was again pregnant in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ: Two Thousand Sixteen (2016) and named her daughter Journey Payne, born on April 26, 2017 (2017). 

Journey has over seventy thousand followers on Instagram with almost nine hundred photographs and videos.

Jacob’s other lovers are unknown to us. However, Natalie dated Olamide Aladejobi Patrick Alexander Faison, an actor, from 2003 to 2009.

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Some News about Payne’s Wife Cheating on Him

The commotion circling Natalie Nunn, Jacob Payne’s spouse, about an alleged threesome with Chloe Ayling and Dan Osborne has sparked a lot of talk. 

Natalie Nunn has finally spoken out about these claims, confirming that she had sex with Dan Osborne in her hotel room. 

Chloe told the media:

“Dan cheated on Jacqueline(Dan’s wife) with me and Natalie(Jacob’s wife). We’d all had a lot to drink, and a threesome happened. He had full sex with Natalie in front of me in the bathroom and then kissed and performed a sex act on me.

This confirms Chloe Ayling’s story of a three-way in London in April 2018. Even though Dan Osborne has said it never occurred and that he’s devoted to his marriage with Jacqueline Jossa, Natalie Nunn is sticking to her story, saying she’s only speaking up to tell the truth. 

In a talk with Baller Alert, he said

“The only way this will work is if I talk to the people directly because spreading rumors won’t help. I’m going to London to do that. We’re not together until I talk to everyone.”

This situation has led to much public attention, with many different statements and reactions from fans and observers. Natalie Nunn feels bad about the incident and is reportedly trying to fix things with Jacob Payne, saying she wants to deal with the situation truthfully and openly.

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