Is Jade Cargill Gay

Is Jade Cargill Gay? Rumors About Her Gender

Jade Cargill is an American wrestler. She started wrestling with All Elite Wrestling in 2020. Jade is considered one of the fastest-rising stars in AEW. So today, we will answer all your queries about rumors going on for her.

Is Jade Cargill Gay Or Trans?

Jade Cargill says she’s a woman, and she’s made it clear that talks saying otherwise aren’t genuine. Even though some gossip is flowing around online, there’s no actual proof she’s gay or transgender. 

Also, she is wedded to Brandon Phillips, and they have a daughter. So, even though she hasn’t talked about her sexual orientation openly, her marriage tells us she’s not gay. Let’s recall to give her privacy and focus on her outstanding achievements in wrestling.

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Rumors About Jade Cargill’s Sexual Orientation

Even though there are rumors online, there’s no actual proof that Jade Cargill shows her sexual orientation. It’s crucial to respect Jade for who she says she is: a proud woman. When she first started in AEW, some people thought she might be transgender or even a man, but Jade herself replied to those talks. 

She clarified that she was born a woman, so these stories are baseless. She’s straight when it comes to her sexual orientation. As she’s starting a new journey in wrestling, fans are excited to see her in WWE. Other wrestlers like Bayley have already given her a warm welcome!

Who Is Married to Jade Cargill?

Who Is Married to Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is happily married to Brandon Phillips. However, he no longer plays while he was once a skilled baseball player. Jade and Brandon have been together for a long time. 

Even though they don’t provide much information about their wedding, their love story began before marriage. They are very close and have a child named Bailey Quinn.

Jade and her husband do not often appear in public as a couple in the media. Still, how they support each other is enough to show how much they love each other. She loves him so much that he surprised her with beautiful flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day in 2023, which made her post them on Instagram as ‘Valentine’s Day 23’. Thank you, @datdudebp.

In other words, Jade Cargill may be an incredible wrestler, but her personal life is just as inspiring! Between them, a fantastic family of hers and Brandon exists.

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Is Jade Cargill gay or trans?

At the moment, there are no solid reasons for believing that Jade Cargill could be a transgender woman. It’s essential to respect her privacy and focus on her wrestling accomplishments.

Why do people talk about Jade Cargill?

Her talent in wrestling and her fame increased, and many fans and critics wondered why Jade became popular with them. Rumors about her sexuality and gender make her famous.

Will Jade Cargill’s gender identity be updated?

If fresh details arise regarding Jade Cargill’s gender identity, we will provide an update. Nonetheless, one should respect her privacy and avoid unfounded speculation.

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