Is Jess Glynne Lesbian

Is Jess Glynne Lesbian Or Bisexual? Her Family and Friends Are Very Supportive of Her

Jess Glynne is a singer and songwriter from England. She became famous after signing with Atlantic Records in 2013. Her soulful music style has earned her many awards in the music industry.

Glynne has made history with chart-topping singles such as “Gave Me Something,” a Grammy Award, and more than 2.5 billion combined streams on Spotify and YouTube. 

But recent happenings have left people asking queries about her sexual stands. Today, we will find “Is Jess Glynne Lesbian?”

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Is Jess Glynne Lesbian Or Bisexual?

Is Jess Glynne Lesbian Or Bisexual

Jess Glynne isn’t just curious about women – she likes some men too, so she’s bisexual. She has been honest about her relationships with both sexes, though. 

Still, Jess doesn’t identify herself using labels. Jess doesn’t want to be referred to as a lesbian or bisexual person by others at any time. 

She is okay if she is with a man or a woman. In one interview, she reveals that her family and friends are very supportive of her yet of the gender of her partner. 

Jess claims it is wrong to judge people because of someone they love. According to Jess, our private lives do not define who we are.

How Did Jess Glynne Come Out As Bisexual?

How Did Jess Glynne Come Out As Bisexual

Jess Glynne came out as bisexual and spoke about being in a failed gay relationship that inspired several songs on her first album. 

She doesn’t want her sexuality to be made into a big deal and would prefer not to have any labels attached to it. 

Glynne says she is happy with whoever she wants to go out with, either a man or woman, and her parents and friends are after her relationships. 

Despite having made it public that she is bisexual in 2016, Glynne has abstained from using labels, saying she does not want “to be boxed” when it comes to her sexual orientation.

Also, she comes into the limelight when she uses offensive slurs during Mo Gilligan’s interview.

Jess Glynne Relationship Status

Jess Glynne Relationship Status

Jess Glynne, a well-known musician, is dating Alex Scott. In May 2023, they were seen together for the first time, arousing suspicions about their affair. Since then, they have been in the presence of each other at several events.

On Jess Glynne’s birthday, Alex Scott publicly wished her a happy birthday and mentioned her new song, ‘Friend of Mine,’ confirming their relationship status.

Jess Glynne has said joy and ease with this relationship. She highlights the value of being true to herself.  

Recently, in March 2024, Jess Glynne talked about their relationship for the first time after going to The BRIT Awards together.

Despite the challenges of having a public relationship in the limelight, she values maintaining privacy in her personal life. The singer seems to be enjoying this new chapter while keeping some aspects away from the public eye. 

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