Is Katie Maloney Bisexual

Is Katie Maloney Bisexual? Exploring The Girl From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Sexuality

Katie Maloney from the popular TV show Vanderpump Rules has always been open about her personal life with viewers. From her rocky romantic relationships to her body struggles, the longtime restaurant server hasn’t held back from sharing. However, one topic fans can’t stop talking about is Katie’s romantic interests. Over the years, various comments and moments have made people wonder – does Katie like women too?

Fans Curious About Katie’s Interests

For years, Vanderpump fans have been curious if Katie Maloney might be interested in women as well as men. The open former restaurant employee has said things over the years that made some viewers think she could be attracted to women too.

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Her Marriage and Admitting Finding Women Appealing

Katie has been married to co-star Tom Schwartz since 2016, but she’s been open about finding women good-looking too. In a 2015 episode, she admitted having a “crush” on Lala Kent when she started at the restaurant. She’s also been caught looking at or complimenting how other women look.

Addressing the Questions Directly

However, Katie hasn’t directly stated that she likes women romantically. In a 2019 interview, she addressed the ongoing questions, saying: “I think female romantic interests can change. I’m not closed off to the idea of being with a woman one day.”

Her Views on Romantic Interests

She went on to explain that while she’s very much attracted to her husband, she doesn’t like putting strict labels on romantic interests. “If I fell in love with a woman, that’s just what it is. I love people for who they are inside, not their physical body,” Katie stated.

Past Boyfriends

Katie Maloney with Tom Schwartz
Katie Maloney with Tom Schwartz

Before marrying Tom Schwartz, Katie dated several men from the Vanderpump world. From 2010-2013, she had an extremely rocky on-and-off relationship with co-star Jax Taylor that was shown on the show.

After her split from Jax, Katie got together with Tom Schwartz, who she had been friends with since the early 2010s. Their relationship also had ups and downs over the years, including a brief 2015 break, before they wed in 2016.

No Public Girlfriends

There’s no public record of Katie ever dating or being intimately involved with a woman in the past. Her romantic history seems to only include men from the Vanderpump Rules cast and friends.

The Future and Fan Interest

Still, fans keep wondering about Katie’s romantic interests, especially after her latest comments suggesting she may be open to different types of partners than assumed. Whether interested in men, women, or various genders – it’s clear Katie is comfortable with herself and her interests.

Only time will tell if this open reality star chooses to define or discuss her romantic interests more. For now, fans can only keep watching and guessing about Katie’s romantic future.

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