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Is Manuel Turizo Gay? His Music Leads To Rumors

Manuel Turizo is a Colombian singer and songwriter who became popular in 2016 with his song “Una Lady Como Tú.” He was born in 2000 in Montería, Colombia, and started making music at 13. His family is musical – his father and older brother Julián are also musicians. Julián helped inspire Manuel to become a singer.

Turizo’s music mixes pop, trap, vallenato, and other Latin styles. He has a deep singing voice called a baritone.

The question being asked is about Turizo’s personal life and sexual orientation, specifically whether he is gay.

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Manuel Turizo Quick Facts

Full NameManuel Turizo Zapata
BornApril 12, 2000
BirthplaceMontería, Córdoba, Colombia
Debut Single“Una Lady Como Tú” (2016)
Debut Album“ADN” (August 23, 2019)
Hit Single“La Bachata” (2022)
Vocal RangeClassified as baritone
Notable CollaborationsOzuna, Mau y Ricky, Valentino, and more
YouTube ViewsOver 1.4 billion views for “Una Lady Como Tú

Is Manuel Turizo Gay?


There’s no clear proof that Manuel Turizo is gay. Some people joke about it online, but no reliable sources confirm his sexual orientation as of June 2024.

In a Teen Vogue interview, Turizo supported bisexual artists and said artists should express themselves freely, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. But he didn’t say anything about his orientation.

Turizo’s songs often have romantic lyrics about women, and he works with many female artists. This suggests he might be straight, but his personal life is private.

While Turizo supports LGBTQ+ acceptance in music, he hasn’t publicly confirmed his own sexuality. Online rumors and jokes aren’t proof of his orientation. Unless Turizo chooses to talk about it openly, his identity remains private.

Why Gay Rumors Around Him Begin?

Here are some possible reasons why gay rumors have spread about Manuel Turizo:

  1. His music and style appeal to many LGBTQ+ fans. Turizo has supported LGBTQ+ artists and freedom of expression, which resonates with this audience.
  1. Social media jokes and guesses. Some tweets jokingly ask if Turizo is gay, but these are just rumors without real proof. Fans often speculate about celebrities’ private lives online.
  1. Comparison to Jhonny Caz, an openly gay reggaeton artist. Someone mentioned Turizo alongside Caz when discussing LGBTQ+ Latin artists. This was likely just comparing their music’s appeal to LGBTQ+ fans.
  2. Some people think Turizo’s music and style seem “feminine.” While this is a harmful stereotype, some might guess about his sexuality based on his artistic image and style.

How Does Manuel Turizo Handle the Gay Rumors?

Manuel Turizo keeps his personal life private, including rumors about his sexual orientation. As a famous person, people might gossip about him, but he hasn’t directly talked about these rumors in public. He focuses on making music and connecting with fans around the world.

Manuel Turizo Dating Timeline

Manuel Turizo dating timeline

Manuel Turizo is private about his romantic life. There are rumors and guesses, but his current relationship status isn’t clear. Some say he might be single, while others think he’s been with his girlfriend, Sofia Gomez, since 2018. Manuel doesn’t share much about his love life, which makes fans curious.

Whether he’s single or in a relationship, Manuel Turizo keeps making music that people enjoy. He’s growing his sound and ideas and doesn’t stick to just one type of music.

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What is Manuel Turizo’s sexual orientation?

Manuel Turizo’s sexual orientation is not known. He hasn’t said if he’s gay, bisexual, or any other orientation. Without him saying so, his sexuality remains private.

Has Manuel Turizo been in a same-sex relationship?

There are no reports of Manuel Turizo being in a same-sex relationship. His known romantic links have been with women, but he keeps his dating life very private.

Is Manuel Turizo part of the LGBTQ+ community?

It’s not clear if Manuel Turizo is part of the LGBTQ+ community. He hasn’t said anything publicly about his sexuality.

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