is Molly Mae pregnant

Is Molly Mae Pregnant? Rumors Swirl About Reality Star’s Pregnancy

Soon, Molly Mae Hague is planning to have her second child after celebrating the first birthday of her daughter Bambi a few weeks ago.

The 24-year-old star of Love Island and her boxing champ boyfriend Tommy Fury have been completely infatuated with their baby girl ever since Molly-Mae gave birth in January 2023, with the engaged couple recently throwing an adorable party in honor of their daughter’s first birthday.

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They both expressed a desire to have more children one day – with Tommy keen to have four children but his future wife admitting she thinks she could “at a push, handle two.” Even though Molly-Mae was honest about her challenging birth with Bambi and revealed she had a tough time in the postpartum period last year many of the influencer’s fans often predict the mum-of-one will fall pregnant again very shortly.

But Molly-Mae shot down any ideas of Bambi getting a brother or sister soon in no uncertain terms on social media on Tuesday night. During a Q&A session with fans, one of the TV star’s followers asked: “Baby number 2.” Molly-Mae shared a black and white snap of herself with Bambi as She answered: “Not yet thank you [shocked face emoji] only want to enjoy my girl for now [white love heart emoji].”

Last year Molly-Mae told fans that giving birth to Bambi had changed her family plans and made her reconsider how many children she wants. She said: “Since I’ve had Bambi my thoughts have changed on how many children I want to have just because it’s been such a big learning curve for me and the whole experience of having a baby and being a mum, I truly underestimated every single aspect of it.”

is Molly Mae pregnant

““The full circle moment that your life does in 360 degrees, the time you have, what becomes important to you… I mean, Bambi is my priority,” she said. “I can’t explain it — everything about motherhood has taken me by surprise. And honestly, even if I did want four more children, I would be honest with myself and say I can’t have this many kids,” she continued. “This is a lot of work for me. I don’t know how people do it with two children — I’m physically unsure if I can have another one because it’s a lot.” She added: “People jump from one to two… but the jump from zero to one was just so intense that there might not even be room.”

A few weeks ago in a YouTube vlog, Molly-Mae discussed motherhood and said that she would have millions of children if they were like Bambi. “Bambi is about to turn one year old in less than two weeks, and no other state can compare to this,” the thrilled mom announced in her video diary.

She went on to say: “I know people may judge me for saying this but if I could have a baby that came out exactly how Bambi is right now – like at this stage and age – I’d have a million babies. This phase has me so sucked in. The good outweighs the bad by far at this stage. This is my motherhood peak, this is what I imagined motherhood would be like. I’m just really enjoying being a mum at the minute. I feel very grateful that I’m in such a good place… But yeah there’s highs and lows quick.”

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