is naomi watts trans

Is Naomi Watts Trans? Multiple Relationships and Trans Kid

Naomi Watts is an actress born in England but raised in the UK and Australia. She was born on September 28th, 1968, so she’s now 55  years of age. Naomi began her acting career in the 1980s; however, it was not until the first decade of this century that she achieved fame by starring in huge movies such as “Mulholland Drive” and “The Ring.” This article examines Naomi’s private life and sexual preference.

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Is Naomi Watts Trans?


Naomi Watts is not transgender. Naomi has two children with her former partner, Liev Schreiber. As of June 2023, she is now married to Billy Crudup. It’s crucial to be kind and thoughtful when debating someone’s gender identity.

We should be cautious about thinking or saying things that could hurt someone’s emotions. Famous people deserve privacy, mainly concerning personal stuff like relationships and identity. The best way is to rely on factual reports from reliable sources, such as respected news outlets or official celebrity statements.

Why Speculations About Naomi Watts As Trans Rise?

Some people might think Naomi Watts is transgender for a few causes:

Her Daughter’s Journey

Naomi has a transgender daughter named Kai Schreiber. Kai made her first big fashion show appearance in April 2023 at a Dior show in New York City. This may have caused some mess or misunderstanding.

Her Movie Roles

Naomi has acted in movies about transgender people’s lives. For example, she starred in a film called Three Generations, which tells the story of a transgender teenage girl.

Rumors and Incorrect Details

There was once an untrue rumor that Naomi’s friend Nicole Kidman said she liked both boys and girls and had more than just a friendship with Naomi. This rumor may have added to the guessing about Naomi.

However, these are just rumors and guesses. The truth is that Naomi Watts is not transgender. She is a woman, just like she was born. She has publicly supported her daughter’s transgender journey.

It’s essential to be careful about making assumptions or spreading incorrect information, especially on personal topics like gender identity. We should respect people’s privacy and identities.

Has Naomi Watts Talked About Trans Kid (Kai Schreiber)?

Has Naomi Watts Talked About Trans Kid (Kai Schreiber)

Naomi Watts hasn’t come out and directly talked about her transgender child, Kai Schreiber, in public. But she’s shown much love and pride for her kid.

However, publicly, Naomi Watts has not tackled the gossip about her sex identification. Nonetheless, she has always been in favor of transgender teenagers, as evidenced by interviews and videos. 

While discussing with mothers of transgender children in a September 2015 YouTube video, she was seen crying. 

Additionally, she talked about accepting transgender youth at the Toronto International Film Festival in another video from that year. These activities indicate that this actress is a friend to transgenders.

Naomi Watts Relationship Past (1999- present)

Naomi Watts has been in some serious relationships in the past. Below are some of them:

Stephen Hopkins (1999 – 2001)

She was with American film director and producer Stephen Hopkins.

Heath Ledger (2002 – 2004)

After her relationship with Hopkins, Australian actor Heath Ledger became her new boyfriend. That occurred between August 2002 and May 2004.

Liev Schreiber (2005 – 2016)

Naomi Watts dated American actor Liev Schreiber for a long time, from 2005 to 2016. They had two kids together. They got engaged but never married.

Billy Crudup (2017 – Present)

Around last year, in June 2023, Naomi started dating actor Billy Crudup. They first met while working on the Netflix show ‘Gypsy’.


How did Naomi Watts support her transgender child?

Naomi Watts provided a lot of support to her daughter, Kai. She was seen almost bursting with pride at a front-row seat at the Dior pre-fall fashion show in Brooklyn, New York.

What is Naomi Watts’ position on transgender rights?  

Naomi Watts hasn’t publicly commented on transgender rights issues, but her support for her child speaks volumes.

How did the public react to Naomi Watts’ support for her transgender child?

The public’s reaction has been largely positive, and most people have praised Naomi Watts for loving and supporting her daughter unconditionally.

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