is noah kahan gay

Is Noah Kahan Gay? Explore Singers’ Sexual Orientation

Noah Kahan was born on January 1, 1997, and he is an American singer-songwriter. He’s most famous for creating folk-pop music. In 2017, he signed with Republic Records, which brought him into the mainstream music industry. His single “Hurt Somebody” went gold in America and performed well abroad as well.

But among her signing accomplishments are questions about herself outside of work — mainly, what does he identify as sexually? Is he seeing anyone right now? Let’s take this opportunity to explore some other aspects of Noah Kahan besides just singing.

Noah Kahan Personal Life Details

Full NameNoah Kahan
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1997
Place of BirthStrafford, Vermont
ResidenceWatertown, Massachusetts
PartnerBrenna Nolan (rumored fiancée)
PetGerman shepherd named Penny
Known ForAdvocacy for mental health awareness

Is Noah Kahan Gay?


According to sources, Noah Kahan is straight. He is rumored to be dating a New England photographer named Brenna Nolan. Some people have even suggested that they could be engaged. However, he tends to be secretive about his private life.

How Rumors About Noah Kahan’s Sexual Orientation Begin?

People are wondering if Noah Kahan is gay because they always want to know what’s going on with famous people’s private lives. Some outlets thought he was single, which could have helped fuel the chatter. Still, rumors might not go away easily since they tend to do that, and his work deals a lot with figuring out who you are and looking back on it from where I’m standing. All that being said, though, he says himself straight!

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How does Noah Kahan Represent the LGBTQ+ Community?

Noah Kahan represents LGBTQ+ people through his public backing of different gay and lesbian-related causes. To be more precise, he has advocated for the safety of transgender kids on his platform. 

Apart from that, in a tweet about the rights of lesbians, he expressed solidarity with them. These actions are only examples showing how committed he is towards inclusivity and tolerance as well as other key elements of being an LGBTQ+ representative.

Is Noah Kahan Dating Someone?

Is Noah Kahan Dating Someone

According to May 2024, Noah Kahan lives with his girlfriend in Massachusetts and their German shepherd, Penny. As early as 2014, he had been tagging her on Instagram posts. In August of 2020, the first signs of their relationship began showing up on social media. While rumors swirled about an impending Noah Kahan engagement in April 2024, he thanked his “fiancée” in the dedication book for the latest Stick Season vinyl release.


What’s Noah Kahan’s history?

Noah became a pupil at Hanover High School, New Hampshire before he pursued his music career. He started writing songs at nine years old and mastered playing guitar by age 12.

Does Noah Kahan have a girlfriend?

Yes, Noah Kahan is in a relationship with Brenna Nolan, but it’s uncertain when or how they met.

What is Noah Kahan’s sexual preference?

It is not known publicly what sexual orientation Noah Kahan has. We must respect his right to privacy and refrain from making assumptions about it.

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