Is Reece Lyons Trans

Is Reece Lyons Trans? A lot Of Fuss Around Her

Reece Lyons is an actress, writer, and poet from London, gained fame in 2018 with her popular poem ‘I am a Woman and I have a Penis’. She was featured on the TV program ‘Life & Rhymes’ and played the main role in the play ‘Overflow’. In 2022, she received an Off West End Theatre Award. We’ll look at her personal story to grasp the many sides of this exceptional individual.

Personal Details About Reece Lyons

NameReece Lyons
ProfessionActress, writer, poet
BornNovember 3, 1998 in London
Notable Works– Appeared in the TV series “Hanna” (2019)
– Performed in the one-woman show “Overflow” (2020/2021), which won her an Off West End Theatre Award (OFFIE) for Lead Performance in 2022
– Appeared on the BAFTA award-winning spoken word TV show “Life & Rhymes” (2020) alongside poet Benjamin Zephaniah
– Was a Roundhouse Poetry Slam Finalist in 2018 with her viral poem “I am a Woman and I have a Penis”
Height6’1″ (1.85 m)

Is Reece Lyons Trans?


Yes, Reece Lyons is a transgender woman. Her poem ‘I am a Woman and I have a Private Part’ became very popular in 2018, with over 4 million people seeing it. Lyons wants transgender actors to be able to play non-transgender characters in plays and movies. 

She is known for her work in art and for supporting the transgender community. Her work inspires people and challenges what most people think about gender and identity. 

She is an essential voice in the transgender community and keeps breaking down barriers in the art world. Her life story and work have made her a well-known figure in the transgender community.

How Reece Lyons As Trans Rumors Begin?

The rumors about Reece Lyons being transgender started after something happened with Richard Gadd, the creator, and star of the Netflix show ‘Baby Reindeer.’ Lyons and Gadd met in October 2021 at a theatre in London after Lyons performed in a one-woman show called ‘Overflow.’ 

During their meeting, Gadd talked about his upcoming Netflix show and the role of his ex-girlfriend, who was a trans woman. Lyons said she wanted to audition for that role.

They went on a few dates, and they talked about the audition. However, Lyons stopped seeing Gadd because she was worried about mixing up the audition process with their dates. 

After she didn’t get the role, Lyons shared her experience on social media, which made people wonder about her gender identity. It’s important to know that Lyons herself is openly transgender and has been speaking up for transgender actors.

What Does Reece Lyons Have to Say About These Rumors?

Reece Lyons talked about the situation on social media. She did not name Richard Gadd or mention ‘Baby Reindeer’ in her posts. Still, she shared her experience dating Gadd while discussing an audition for his show. 

Lyons said she did not believe she was a victim of inadequate treatment. Still, she was “hurt” by Gadd “mixing up a work opportunity with their dating relationship.” She was worried about their dating and the audition process getting mixed, so she decided to stop seeing Gadd. Lyons clarified that she did not want to talk about it anymore after her social media posts.

Reece Lyons Actress Dating Timeline

As of May 2024, no public information about Reece Lyons having a partner exists. The most recent public relationship of Reece Lyons was with Richard Gadd, the creator, and star of the Netflix show ‘Baby Reindeer.’ They met in October 2021 and went on four dates before Gadd stopped seeing Lyons in December 2021. 

However, it’s important to remember that personal details like current relationships may not always be made public or up-to-date. We should respect people’s privacy when it comes to such personal matters.

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Is Reece Lyons transgender?

Yes, Reece Lyons is a transgender woman. She has openly talked about her experiences as a transgender woman in the theatre world.

What roles has Reece Lyons played?

Reece Lyons has played different roles, including in the play “Overflow” by Travis Alabanza. However, she wants to be considered for non-transgender roles as well.

Has Reece Lyons faced any issues in her career?

Yes, Reece Lyons has spoken about the challenges she faces as a trans female in the theatre industry, including limited options to play non-transgender roles. She has also shared her dating experiences within the industry.

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