Is Robert Irwin gay

Is Robert Irwin Gay? Proud Supporter of The LGBTQIA+ Community

Robert Irwin is an Australian environmentalist, TV presenter, naturalist photographer, and actor. He was born December 1st, 2003, in Buderim, Queensland, Australia, and is the son of the late Steve Irwin.

Robert is most famous for his work at Australia Zoo, where, among other things, he wrestles crocodiles, handles snakes, and feeds the animals. Let’s take a deep dive into everything about Robert Irwin – this includes what he does professionally, his dating life, or any personal information we may not know yet!

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Is Robert Irwin Gay?


Robert Irwin hasn’t openly said he’s gay. He’s well-known for working at the Australia Zoo and appearing on TV shows. Based on what’s publicly known, reports suggest he’s into girls. He used to date Rorie Buckey, but they broke up in 2024.

It’s important to remember that personal matters like someone’s romantic interests are private. We should respect that. Unless Robert shares updates about his dating life or who he’s attracted to, we can only go by the public information available. And right now, there’s no public info pointing to Robert being gay.

Of course, if that were to change and Robert decided to open up about his sexual orientation, that would be his choice. For now, we can only speculate based on what’s been reported, indicating he’s likely straight. But at the end of the day, it’s up to Robert to share those personal details if and when he’s ready.

Why Does Speculation Arise About Robert Irwin’s Sexual Orientation?

The boy’s description of Robert Irwin felt a tad homophobic.
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Talks about Robert Irwin’s romantic interests started because of things said in different places. On Reddit, someone mentioned a podcast where they called Robert a gay guy keeping it secret, which made people discuss how LGBTQ+ individuals are shown and assumptions about who likes whom. But it’s important to remember that Robert hasn’t openly shared who he’s attracted to.

In a tweet from October 2020, Robert said he’s proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community, which made more people wonder and guess about his romantic interests. His past relationship with Rorie Buckey, which ended in 2023, also got people talking.

Even with all these discussions and mentions, unless Robert directly tells us who he likes, any guesses about his romantic interests are guesses. We can’t know for sure without him openly sharing that personal information himself.

What Does Robert Irwin Have To Say About These Rumors?

Robert Irwin has not spoken directly about whether or not he is gay. However, he did respond to some other rumours in a lighthearted way. For example, after his split from Rorie Buckey, he was asked if he would appear on “The Bachelor” and laughed it off.

He said that his current primary focus is his work and wildlife conservation. We can only rely on what is known publicly unless Robert speaks up or releases an official statement on this speculation surrounding him. At the moment, Robert Irwin has not addressed any rumors about his sexuality with a public statement indicating that he may be homosexual.

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Robert Irwin Dating Timeline

Robert Irwin Dating Timeline

An Australian TV star and environmentalist, Robert Irwin, has had a few relationships. Below is a quick timeline of his love life based on what’s been reported publicly:

Elisha Jackson

In 2020-2021, Robert reportedly spent time with Elisha Jackson, who admitted to having a crush on him.

Emmy Perry

During this same period, he was also allegedly dating Emmy Perry, an animal rights activist and actress12 — they were seen together at Disney World.

Lucia Field

He was also romantically linked to Wiggles performer Lucia Field.

Rorie Buckey

At the end of 2022, Robert began dating Rorie Buckey. They went public with their relationship in July 2023 but called it quits in 2024.

Is Robert Irwin married?

No, Robert Irwin is not married. The latest publicly available information as of 29 April 2024 shows that Robert Irwin’s marital status is unmarried. Moreover, we will update you once we have more information on his married life.


What can I do to learn more about this person’s life?

You could try checking official social media profiles and interviews where they might reveal things like these. However, never forget that respecting their privacy is essential.

Why do people wonder if Robert Irwin is gay or straight?

People frequently make guesses about what goes on behind closed doors for famous individuals. Yet, we should never forget that they deserve private lives, too.

Has Robert Irwin ever discussed his sexuality?

To the best of our knowledge, Robert Irwin has not spoken about his sexual orientation publicly.

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