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Is Sonay Kartal Trans? Fuss Around Her Just Started

Sonay Kartal is a British tennis player. She was born on October 28, 2001 in London, England. In her career so far, she has reached her highest singles ranking of 195th in the world. Her best doubles ranking has been 559th.

Kartal has won nine ITF singles titles. Right now, she’s playing at Wimbledon 2024. She has made it to the third round of the tournament.

Her father is of Turkish background. Kartal trains at the Pavilion & Avenue Tennis Club, which is in Brighton.

This article looks into the talk going around about Kartal. It also examines how public guessing and chattering affects both her personal life and her tennis career.

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Sonay Kartal Quick Facts

Full NameSonay Kartal
Date of BirthOctober 28, 2001
BirthplaceSidcup, London
Highest RankingWorld No. 195 (Singles), World No. 559 (Doubles)
Grand Slam Debut2022 Wimbledon (1R)
Grand Slam Best Result2024 Wimbledon (3R)
ITF Titles Won9
Tennis IdolsRoger Federer, Kim Clijsters, Andy Murray
CoachJulie Hobbs, Ben Reeve
Training BasePavilion & Avenue Tennis Club, Brighton
Favorite TournamentWimbledon
HobbiesMusic, Animals, Shoes
Prize Money Earned$182,475

Is Sonay Kartal Trans?


As far as we know (July 2024), Sonay Kartal has not said anything publicly about her gender identity. We don’t have clear information about this.

If Kartal decides to share any details or make a statement about her sexual orientation, that would be the best and most trustworthy source of information. Until then, it’s not right to make guesses or spread rumors about her personal life.

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Are There Rumors About Her Sexual Orientation?

There’s no public talk about Sonay Kartal’s sexual orientation. It’s important to remember that famous people often face rumors. When it comes to someone’s sexual orientation, we should only trust reliable news sources.

Kartal’s impressive tennis career shows how dedicated she is. Her recent good performance at Wimbledon proves she really loves the sport and works hard at it. Her achievements on the tennis court speak to her skill and commitment as an athlete.

Sonay Kartal Dating Timeline

Sonay Kartal’s relationship with her boyfriend Luke Ogbourn:

2023 (We don’t know the exact date):

  • Kartal and Ogbourn likely started dating in 2023.
  • The first picture of them together on Ogbourn’s Instagram is from November 2023.
  • In this photo, Ogbourn hugs Kartal on a tennis court at an ITF World Tennis Tour event.
  • He wrote under the pic: “Huge admiration for this one. Showing me the real meaning of athlete (Not to mention arms almost as big as mine😮💨).”

Wimbledon 2024 (June/July 2024):

  • After Kartal won her first match at Wimbledon 2024, beating 29th seed Sorana Cirstea, Ogbourn commented on her Instagram post: “God I fancy you😍”.
  • Ogbourn shared a picture on Instagram of him hugging Kartal, writing “I am so proud of you” with a blue heart.
  • When Kartal won her third-round match against Clara Burel, Ogbourn wrote: “I don’t think I could be any more proud of you. I Love you champ.”
  • People saw Ogbourn greeting Kartal with a big hug and flowers after her best-ever win at Wimbledon.

July 2024:

  • Ogbourn recently posted on Instagram, calling Kartal “incredible”.
  • He shared a video of himself hugging her and wrote: “I don’t think I could be anymore proud of you. Onto the 3rd round. I love you champ.”


What is Sonay Kartal’s background?

Sonay Kartal, born in London, England, is of Turkish descent through her father. Presently she lives in Brighton.

What time did Sonay Kartal begin playing tennis?

When she was six years old she started playing tennis after watching her older brother play.

Who does Sonay Kartal admire as tennis players?

Roger Federer and Kim Clijsters are her favorite tennis players.

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