Is Steve Cena Gay

Is Steve Cena Gay? Explore Famous Star Brother’s Gender

Steve Cena is the big brother of famous wrestler and actor John Cena. Steve, born on September 29, 1974, is into entertainment stuff like puppets, voice acting, and stage shows. He studied engineering but decided to follow his passion for performing.

Nowadays, people are more curious about different parts of people’s lives, like who they love. So, let’s get into it: Is John Cena’s brother Steve gay?

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Is Steve Cena Gay?

Yes, Steve Cena, John Cena’s older brother, is openly gay. He came out during a guest spot on Total Divas in 2013, where he introduced his partner, Darlando. John Cena, his brother, has been supportive, standing up for Steve and the LGBTQ+ crew. 

Does Steve Cena Face Discrimination As A Gay Man?

Does Steve Cena Face Discrimination As A Gay Man

It is a fact that Steve Cena, the older brother of famous wrestler and actor John Cena, has been discriminated against for being gay. 

For Steve’s elder brother John, their hometown was not accommodating in those days, making life difficult for him. Steve had many hurdles to overcome apart from being introverted and computer-savvy because of his sexuality. 

An uphill struggle took place for gays during the 1980s in small-town Massachusetts. He had numerous characteristics that didn’t jive with the ‘cool kids’ group but also harbored a secret nobody could hear or confide in.

Despite these difficulties, Steve remains open about his experiences and lives his truth daily. His narrative serves as a testament to how far we have come and still need to go to achieve equality and acceptance for all people. 

We should underscore the fact that it is unfair and harmful to discriminate against any individual based on their sexual orientation. Everyone should be treated with dignity.

Moreover, the visibility and openness of Steve about his homosexuality are significant dimensions of broader discussion concerning LGBTQ+ rights, which encompass love for such individuals’ existence, too. By living his truth, he helps in normalizing the experiences of others in LQTBQ+. 

His brother, John Cena, has openly supported both Steve and members of the LGBTQ+ community through his work as a wrestler and an actor. Consequently, the LGBTQ+ community is positively represented by family support and allyship.

As a result, Mr. Cena’s struggles with discrimination as a gay man bring to the fore the suffering of many other LGBTQ+ people. Despite all odds, he courageously decided to live openly and genuinely with his loved ones, thus showing his strength and determination.

The story also serves as an essential testimony to acceptance and understanding towards each other regardless of our sexual orientations or gender identities.

Is Steve Cena Married?

As we already mentioned, Steve Cena is in a relationship with Darlando. There are no more details available on his marriage in different sources. Moreover,  we will update you when we have more information on his marriage. So stay updated with us.

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How did Steve’s family react when he told them he was gay?

The entire Cena family, including John Cena, takes this positively. John Cena is an LGBTQ+ advocate.

Did Steve face any problems growing up as a gay man?

Yes, it was not easy growing up in a small town in Massachusetts in the 80s and being homosexual.

Did John Cena protect his brother Steve, who is gay?

John Cena defended his older brother Steve from bullies as children because they knew that Steve was gay.

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