is Stevie J gay?

Is Stevie J Gay? Talk Keeps Going Around Music Maker’s Love Interests

For famous people that everyone knows, questions about who they are drawn to for love are often a cause of interest and never-ending talk. One such person who has found himself in the middle of all the talk is music maker and reality TV star Stevie J. Even though he has been with women over the years, people keep wondering if the former Jodeci member may be gay or like both men and women.

Stevie J’s Love Interests Remain a Puzzle

For many years, rumors have been spread around about who record maker and reality TV star Stevie J is drawn to for love. He is best known as a member of the 90s R&B group Jodeci and for his appearances on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

While Stevie J, whose full name is Steven Aaron Jordan, has been in relationships that everyone knew about with women over the years, including his former wife Joseline Hernandez with whom he has a child, his ways of behaving and style of dressing have made people wonder if he may be gay or like both men and women.

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Straight Relationships Don’t Stop The Talking

stevie j with Rhonda Henderson
stevie j with Rhonda Henderson

The 50-year-old maker of music was previously married to rapper Rhonda Henderson in the late 1990s, though that marriage ended in divorce. He then dated and had children with Carol Antoinette Bennett in the early 2000s before his rocky relationship and marriage to Hernandez played out on Love & Hip Hop.

No Clear Yes or No

However, despite these past straight relationships, Stevie J has never directly spoken about rumors about his love interests or made any public statements confirming or denying people’s thoughts that he may be drawn to men.

Curiosity Remains About Star’s Personal Life

Some fans believe his love interests should be a private matter, while others are curious for him to openly discuss it, especially since he is so well-known.

In the absence of any clear comments from Stevie J himself, whom he is drawn to for love remains a topic of gossip and debate, particularly among viewers of the reality shows that have given him a new level of fame and notoriety in recent years.

Closing Up 

Unless Stevie J decides to directly comment on the longstanding rumors about who he is drawn to for love, public talk is likely to continue swirling. As a celebrity who has lived his personal life in the public eye, he may want privacy on such a personal matter. Or he could choose to address the curiosity about his love interests openly. Only time will tell if the music maker puts the persistent gossip to rest or allows it to remain an unanswered question. For now, who Stevie J is drawn to for love remains a mystery.

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