Is Teyana Taylor Gay

Is Teyana Taylor Gay? Close to Women When She Was Married

Teyana Taylor is a very talented person from America. She does a lot of cool things! Teyana sings songs and also writes them herself. But that’s not all – she also acts in movies and TV shows! Teyana is a model and dancer and even directs music videos.

Teyana became famous after working on a music video for Beyoncé, a massive star. 

But now, people like to know something else about her. They are curious to find out what Teyana’s sexual orientation is. So today, we’ll try to answer that query: Is Teyana Taylor gay?

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Is Teyana Taylor Gay? (Here Is The Truth)


According to Forbes magazine, Teyana Taylor is part of the LGBTQ+ community. However, Teyana did not give many details about her likes for partners.

There were times when Teyana talked about being close to women when she married her ex-husband. 

Because of this, some people thought she might like both men and women. But Teyana never clearly said yes or no to those thoughts.

After separating from her ex-husband, there were reports that Teyana might be dating a woman. But again, she did not say anything about it openly.

Teyana has chosen to keep the details about who she likes private. She has not given an explicit name or reason for her sexual likes. It’s important to remember that a person’s sexuality should be kept private and admired by others.

Why Do People Question Teyana Taylor’s Sexual Orientation?

People guess about Teyana Taylor’s sexuality for a few reasons.


Teyana Taylor is said to be queer. Nonetheless, she didn’t reveal much about her specific preferences for sexual partners.

Intimacy with Women

There were times when Teyana spoke of being close to women during her marriage. So, some people suspected she might be curious about both males and females.

Music Videos

A few of Teyana’s music videos, like “Morning” featuring Kehlani, display intimate scenes with females. These scenes got people talking about who Teyana is attracted to.

Post-Divorce Rumors

When she broke up with her husband, there were rumors that Teyana saw a woman.

It’s important to understand that who Teyana likes is personal only. She has elected not to describe or categorize her sexual choices openly.

What Is the Status of Teyana Taylor’s Marriage? (2011-2023)

What Is the Status of Teyana Taylor's Marriage (1)

Teyana Taylor’s relationship history is as follows;

2011: Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert met at a party about a month after Iman was drafted into the NBA14. However, Taylor was in a relationship at the time, so they stayed just friends.

2013: From their friendship, it grew into love. After his knee surgery, she cared for Shumpert for one week, and things started getting hot between them.

June 2014: Their relationship became official on social media by both Teyana and Shumpert.

September 2014: The couple publicly appeared together during the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards.

2015: At their baby shower that took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, Ohio, Shumbert proposed to Taylor. They also told that they were expecting a child together.

2016: Finally, they tied the knot.

2020: Rue Rose became their second child.

January 2023: In September of that year, however, Taylor filed for divorce, but she never publicly disclosed or spoke about her separation from her husband.

What Is the Status of Teyana Taylor's Marriage (2)

What Is Teyana Taylor’s stance on Privacy and Public Opinion?

Teyana Taylor is a private person who has spoken about the importance of maintaining her family’s privacy in the public glare, and she has done this amidst media hounding. 

She has heavily stressed how imperative it is to keep herself, her children, and her family away from people’s eyes, more so during such critical times as her divorce from Iman Shumpert. 

It was evident that Taylor did not talk to any journalist directly about personal issues, and she felt hurt when details about her divorce became known to the masses, indicating that cases like these have been resolved through peaceable means by using her own words.

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What makes people think Teyana Taylor is gay or lesbian?

Speculations surround Teyana Taylor’s sexuality because she identifies herself as queer, speaks of her close relations with women during wedlock, and some of her music videos show her being intimate with ladies.

Has Teanna Taylor ever come out in public about LGBTQ+ issues?

Teyana Taylor has identified as a member of the LGBTQ+ community; however, there isn’t any specific news available about her speaking about concerns as such. Such details are unavailable publicly.

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