is thomas doherty bisexual

Is Thomas Doherty Bisexual? Actor’s Sexuality Explored

Okay, let’s be real – Thomas Doherty is one fine-looking man. The Scottish actor has had us all going crazy over his hot roles on shows like Gossip Girl and High Fidelity. But his dating life off-screen is a total secret! Fans have been going nuts guessing whether the 27-year-old handsome guy likes both boys and girls. Could he turn out to be an important person for the bisexual community? I’ve been listening closely, so let me spill the hot news.

His Dating Past Has People Shook 

Part of why people are so curious about Doherty’s sexuality is his past relationships. Back in 2017, he dated actress and model Dove Cameron for nearly 4 whole years before they broke up in late 2020. It was a very public relationship – he was even going to events with her family, so it seemed pretty dang serious.

But get this – in a 2021 interview, Doherty low-key mentioned having a “boyfriend” that he was breaking up with around the same time as his split from Cameron! Sadly he kept that story under wraps and didn’t spill any more details about this mystery guy.

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That Gender-Mixing Style Though 

Okay, but let’s talk about Doherty’s iconic fashion looks! The dude ain’t afraid to mix up masculine and feminine with his bold makeup, painted nails, crop tops, and outfits that blend guy and girl clothes. In interviews, he’s said he’s all about expressing himself without rules when it comes to fashion. You just know all that gender-mixing fire has fans thinking he’s gotta be at least a little bisexual, right?

Those Quotes Though… 

Some of Doherty’s quotes have only added more fuel to the bisexual rumors too. Like when he said, “I don’t believe in labels…Love is love, and you can find it in anybody.” Ooh la la, someone’s being all mysterious and vague! He never straight-up confirmed being bi, but come on, that’s basically leaving a huge wink for fans to read between the lines.

Tight-Lipped About His Love Life

is thomas doherty bisexual?

Here’s the thing though – while Doherty is super open about supporting LGBTQ rights and having refreshingly open-minded views on gender and sexuality, he stays mad quiet about his own dating details. Dude hasn’t been linked to any romantic partners in years, whether a guy or a girl.

And when he does get asked directly about his sexuality, he always plays it cool and deflects, saying it’s private stuff. So what’s left thirsty fans overanalyzing his gender-mixing fashion and vague comments to decide if he’s bi or not.

Bi Representation Matters 

At the end of the day, regardless of how Doherty identifies, this whole guessing game shows just how little bisexual male representation is out there, especially with famous people. If he did come out as bisexual, it could be so powerful and meaningful for the bisexual community that often gets overlooked or discriminated against.

LGBTQ activists are always preaching about how much bi-hate and bi-erasure exists, even within the queer community itself. So having an influential, young star like Doherty be visible and proudly bisexual? That could seriously help break down so many crappy stereotypes and assumptions.

The Verdict? 

Still No Confirmation For now, Thomas Doherty’s sexuality is still unconfirmed and up in the air. But you already know fans are gonna keep gossiping and wishing for that potential bisexual king representation! Whether he decides to publicly open up about his identity or not, it’s clear LGBTQ famous people have the major power to be inspirational icons. We’ll just have to wait and see if Doherty wants to use his hottie stardom for the bisexual-cause / reasons!

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