Was Tony Curtis Gay

Was Tony Curtis Gay? Multiple Rumors During His Lifetime

Tony Curtis, born Bernard Schwartz on June 3, 1925, was a famous American actor. His career lasted six decades, peaking in the 1950s and early 1960s. He acted in over 100 films in various genres. People like to know about his sexual orientation. Let’s find out, “Was Tony Curtis gay?”

Quick Facts About Tony Curtis

Birth NameBernard Schwartz
Birth DateJune 3, 1925
Death DateSeptember 29, 2010
Career SpanSix decades
Film AppearancesMore than 100
Notable RolesSome Like It Hot, Spartacus
ChildhoodGrew up in a tiny room at the back of his father’s tailor shop in the Bronx
Family TragedyLost his brother at a young age, mother and brother suffered from schizophrenia
ChildrenSix, including actresses Kelly Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Allegra Curtis, and Alexandra Curtis
Military ServiceServed in the United States Navy during World War II
StrugglesStruggled with alcoholism and drug abuse
HobbiesEnjoyed painting
RecognitionInducted into the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Hall of Fame in 2004

Was Tony Curtis Gay?


Tony Curtis confessed about his “wildly bisexual” past in his memoirs published back in 2008. Many received information regarding his sexual orientation during his career. 

However, the truth is that sexuality is private and intricate, and it is the person himself who ought to determine what he or she feels sexually attracted to. In public conversations, Curtis never explicitly identified as homosexual. The actor had six marriages and six children.

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Why Gay Rumours Begin About Him?

Rumors suggesting Tony Curtis’s homosexuality had begun almost immediately after he became a movie star in Hollywood. This could have been as a result of some factors. First, when Curtis was most active, rumors filled Hollywood about actors playing sensitive, neurotic, or exotic parts. 

Second, these rumors were probably ignited by Curtis’ acts and roles. For instance, he accepted to be involved in a scene in “Some Like It Hot” where his character dressed as a woman practically admitted to being gay so that Marilyn Monroe’s character could be tricked into kissing him. 

However, it wasn’t until later on in his life that Curtis openly talked about his bisexuality.

How Did the Public React to These Rumors at The Time?

The public reaction to the rumors about Tony Curtis’s sexuality varied. During his time, Hollywood was not as open about being gay as it is today. There were whispers about Curtis’s sexuality almost from the minute he became famous. 

At first, the public didn’t quite believe these rumors, but Curtis became less bothered by them as the years passed. When a star is as good-looking as Curtis was in his prime, it’s perhaps inevitable that there were suggestions he was gay. 

However, his six marriages might suggest otherwise. It’s important to note that societal norms and attitudes towards being gay have changed a lot since Curtis’s time.

Tony Curtis Dating Timeline

Tony Curtis Dating Timeline

Tony Curtis was married six times throughout his life:

SpouseMarriage DurationDetails
Janet Leigh1951-1962Curtis’s first marriage was to actress Janet Leigh on June 4, 1951. They had two daughters. The couple divorced in 1962.
Christine Maria Kaufmann1963-1968Curtis married Golden Globe-winning actress Christine Maria Kaufmann the following year. They had two daughters, Allegra and Alexandra. They divorced in 1968.
Leslie Allen1968-1982Curtis married actress Leslie Allen in 1968. They had two sons before their divorce in 1982.
Andrea Savio1984-1992Curtis’s fourth marriage was to actress Andrea Savio in 1984. They divorced eight years later.
Lisa Deutsch1993-1994Curtis was married to Lisa Deutsch briefly from 1993 to 1994.
Jill Vandenberg1998-2010Curtis’s final marriage was to Jill Vandenberg in 1998. They were married until Curtis died in 2010.


Was Tony Curtis’ sexual orientation ever confirmed?

Yes; in his 2008 memoir “American Prince,” Tony Curtis admitted to being bisexual during his younger years.

Who were the wives of Tony Curtis?

Tony Curtis went through six marriages. Janet Leigh, Christine Kaufmann, Leslie Allen, Andrea Savio, Lisa Deutsch, and Jill Vandenberg were some of them.

When did Tony Curtis die?

On September 29th, 2010.

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