Is Alex Bennet pregnant

Is Alex Bennet Pregnant? Who Is Harrison Fugman Her Boyfriend?

A well-known newscaster, Alex Bennett, is. She is famous for co-hosting Mean Girl podcast2. She is also a podcaster; she’s Just Media House’s Founder and CEO. Rumors are flying around that she might be pregnant, but there are recent rumors regarding her pregnancy. Today, we will find out, “Is Alex Bennett pregnant?”

Is Alex Bennett Pregnant?


Is Alex Bennett pregnant? According to the sources, there is no news about her pregnancy. However, it is wise to depend on reliable sources to know if she is expecting a child. 

Why Speculations About Her Pregnancy Begins?

The speculations about the state of Alex Bennett’s pregnancy were set off by a Reddit post on r/NYCinfluencersnark that suggested she was pregnant. However, this has not been confirmed, and no evidence supports these claims. The community where the post was made is known for sharing gossip about famous people and influencers.

Also, one tweet from Alex Bennett’s account mentions her being 22 weeks pregnant in a hypothetical situation. Nonetheless, this tweet does not prove that she is with a child. It can be a kidding remark or speculation.

Therefore, the speculations about Alex Bennetts’s pregnancy are not based on solid evidence or confirmation. Importantly, it is worth noting that gossip regarding one’s gestation can be deeply damaging and intrusive; hence, privacy should be respected, while unconfirmed information must not be spread out. However, Alex Bennett herself hasn’t confirmed the rumors.

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Is Alex Bennett Married?

Alex Bennett married Graham Bennett in April 2019. Graham is a billionaire sports mogul heir and a successful real estate development firm CEO. The pair were always happy to share their joyous social media posts with everyone around them. 

Nevertheless, Alex’s social media activity relating to Graham drastically changed in July 2023, which led to speculations concerning the possibility of separation or hard times in their marriage life. 

In November 2023, during an episode at Mean Girl’s Podcast, Alex confirmed that Graham had exited five months earlier and they were already divorcing each other; thus, Alex Bennett is divorced today.

Who Is Alex Bennett Dating In 2024?

Who Is Alex Bennett Dating In 2024

In an interview with the New York Post, Bennett explained how she and Hugman started dating, noting that “one of his investors set them up.”

They became a couple on Instagram in time for the festive season 2023, where they celebrated together, as seen on their respective social media pages.

This joyful announcement came just four months after she confirmed her divorce.


When did Alex Bennett and Harrison Fugman reveal their relationship publicly?

A week before Christmas 2023, the couple went on Instagram and made their relationship official.

Is it true that Alex Bennett is expecting a baby?

There is no confirmation of Alex Bennett’s pregnancy, and it is impossible to ascertain if she is expecting.

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