is catherine southon pregnant

Is Catherine Southon Pregnant? Gossips About Her Pregnancy

Catherine Southon is an antiques expert who has spent time at Sotheby’s and has been featured on several antiques shows on the BBC, including Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip. She’s highly informed on areas like furniture, jewelry, and art. In addition, she is frequently invited to speak at events and owns her own auction house. Now, we will find out today. “Is Catherine Southon pregnant?”

Is Catherine Southon Pregnant?


Catherine Southon is not expecting a child. She’s already a proud mother of two beautiful children. Despite her public profile, Catherine keeps her personal life under wraps. She rarely spills the beans about it. Throughout her impressive career, she’s shielded her private affairs from the public’s prying eyes. This is the info we have from the various sources.

Speculations About Cathrine’s Southern Pregnancy

Speculations About Cathrine's Southern Pregnancy

Many people are talking about Catherine Southon’s pregnancy. Still, it has been clarified that the British antique expert is not pregnant in her current condition. Her personal life details and marital status are kept private, though she is known to have children who live with her in Bromley, London. 

It is suggested that the kids referred to as “not little anymore” might already be teenagers. Catherine loves spending quality time with them when she is not working, and she prefers engaging in fun activities while eating food and drinking a glass of red wine. 

The rumors concerning Catherine Southon having another baby have been put off as the woman denied being pregnant at this moment.

Who is Catherine Southon’s partner?

In the glare of publicity, Catherine Southon cherishes keeping her personal life concealed from the public. In that case, it is not publicly known whether she has a husband. Nonetheless, we are aware that she has two kids. She is secretive about herself and hardly ever speaks about her private life. Throughout all these years spent in business, Catherine has managed to keep her personal life beyond the public eye.

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Are there any children in Catherine Southon’s family? 

Certainly, Catherine Southon has two nice kids and enjoys a private life with her children.

Which profession does Catherine Southon belong to? 

Catherine Southon has been an antiques industry worker for more than 20 years. She was initiated into the career by Sotheby’s and later on became a general freelance valuation expert.

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