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Is Anthony Geary Gay? Fake Stories Lead to Rumors

Anthony Geary is a famous actor. He acted on a TV show called General Hospital from 1978 to 2015. He played the character Luke Spencer. He won eight awards for his acting.  Due to his recent actions, people are more curious about him and often wonder about his personal life and who he likes romantically.

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Is Anthony Geary Gay?


People have wondered about Anthony Geary’s romantic interests. In a 1993 interview with The Advocate, he said he was not gay but didn’t mind if people thought he was. Geary felt fine with who he was and didn’t need to label himself.

His relationship with actress Elizabeth Taylor suggests he liked women, but his support for gay rights made some fans think differently. There’s no clear answer, as Geary hasn’t discussed it much since then.

Why People Think Him As Gay?

Some people think Anthony Geary might like men, even though he hasn’t said so. Here’s why:

  1. He doesn’t talk about his private life. Geary doesn’t mention having a girlfriend, so people wonder.
  1. There were stories that he dated Ron Glass, but neither of them talked about it.
  1. When Geary moved to Amsterdam after leaving his TV show, some fans thought it was to be open about liking men. But Geary said he just wanted to live quietly.
  1. Elizabeth Taylor said she dated Geary for two years. Some fans think this was to hide that he likes men, but Geary said it was true.
  1. Geary played a gay character on TV. This made some people wonder about him in real life. But actors often play roles different from who they really are.

It’s important to know that Geary has never said if he likes men or women. He keeps his personal life private. Unless Geary decides to talk about it, we shouldn’t guess. We should respect his privacy.

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How Does He Handle Those Gay Rumors?

Anthony Geary deals with rumors about him liking men in a nice way. Here’s how:

  1. He talks about it: Geary says he’s “not gay” but doesn’t mind if people think he is. He lets fans think what they want.
  1. He keeps some things private: Geary talks a bit about his life, but not everything. He doesn’t have to tell everyone everything.
  1. He talks about his work: Geary likes to talk about his acting job more than his personal life. He talks a lot about his TV show role.
  1. He makes jokes: Sometimes Geary jokes about the rumors. This shows he doesn’t worry too much about what people say.

In short, Anthony Geary handles rumors by being honest but private, talking about his work, and making jokes.

Anthony Geary Dating Timeline


Geary dated Elizabeth Taylor, a famous actress. This happened when they both worked on the TV show “General Hospital.” Geary has never been married. His relationship with Taylor is an important part of his life story. So, as of July 2024, he is single.


Did Anthony Geary say if he likes men or women?

In 1993, Geary said he was “not gay” but didn’t care if people thought he was. He said he was happy with who he was and didn’t like using labels.

Did Anthony Geary have a girlfriend?

Geary never got married. But he did date Elizabeth Taylor, a famous actress. They were together when they worked on the same TV show.

What about stories about how he dated Ron Glass?

People said Geary and Glass were a couple for a long time. But neither Geary nor Glass ever said if this was true or not.

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