Is Buck Gay

Is Buck Gay? Is Oliver Stark Gay On The Show

On the TV show “9-1-1”, Buck is close friends with his coworker Eddie. Because of some things Buck did recently, fans wonder if Buck might like other men. So fans are asking online, “Is Buck from 9-1-1 gay?”

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Is Buck Gay Or Bisexual? I Picture Buck in My Mind

Is Buck Gay Or Bisexual

Buck, played by Oliver Stark, is a character on the TV show 9-1-1. His best friend at work is Eddie. Ryan Guzman plays Eddie. Some fans believe that Buck’s strong friendship with his colleague Eddie has made him bisexual or maybe even gay, but the program hasn’t been explicit about what Buck’s desire is.

However, it should be noted that Oliver Stark is interested in women and is currently dating an actress named Hannah Gottesman. 

However, hints in season 7 reveal the possibility that Buck and Eddie are more than friends. The actors and creators of the show know that their audience would like to witness a hypothetical romance between these two characters.

During episode four of season seven, Buck kissed Tommy. That intensified discussions on Buck’s sexuality among people watching the show, with those responsible yet to give a definite answer; they opted to allow viewers to make up their minds concerning his sexual preference.

Thus, it is known that although Buck and Eddie have shared many intimate moments and some indications of the development of romance, the series still wants to maintain secrecy about who Buck desires. So this means we will wait for either of them to confess love to each other!

What Buck 9-1-1 Have To Say About Gay Rumours?

When people asked Oliver Stark if his character Buck thinks he’s attracted to both men and women, Stark said, “Yes, that’s how I picture Buck in my mind. In the next episode, we’ll see some hints about how Buck might label his attraction, but yeah, I think the right word for Buck would be bisexual.”

Stark said he was unaware of the kiss until they began filming Season 7. He said Tim Minear, who helped create the show, talked to Louis Ferrigno Jr., who plays Tommy, before telling him about it.

Then, both Minear and Stark agreed that this was the only way to be candid when discussing Buck’s further development. In particular, he enthusiastically expressed his support for having a man as Buck’s love interest and believes it will be great. 

Again, we also have a first-time experience for Buck in this regard, But maybe over a long period based on what has been happening.

Still, we should never forget that the show has not explicitly mentioned what interests him sexually at all. As such, there is still a need to know if men are now his only attraction or if he equally likes females as well while these new developments ensue regarding his sexuality in general.

What Are The Buck Gay Relationship Staus In 9-1-1?

The following is a brief timeline of Buck’s relationships in the TV show ‘9-1-1’:

Abigail “Abby” Clark

Buck and Abby’s relationship starts with regular phone calls and moves to face-to-face interactions. It became a love affair after their Valentine’s date in 2018. Unfortunately, her plans for the future are different from his.

Ali Martin

After breaking up with Abby, Buck gets involved with Ali Martin, who gets saved by Buck and his partner Eddie Díaz during an earthquake.

Taylor Kelly

Then he dates Taylor Kelly. They even get to the point where they can openly say they love each other. However, this relationship ends when Taylor takes information from Buck without letting him know it is for a news story.

Lucy Donato

Buck kisses Lucy Donato, but Oliver Stark explains that Lucy does not return in romantic terms.

According to showrunner Kristen Reidel, there will be someone unknown that Buck will meet as season six progresses. And we’ll see what happens next in Buck’s private life soon enough.

What People Have To Say About Buck On Reddit?

One Reddit user says ”

I think Buck is Bi. The show has already had 3 different instances where they imply that Buck likes men, and he hasn’t corrected them.

I could see Eddie being gay and in deep denial and repressing it, but I can also see that he is the type of person who needs an emotional attachment for a relationship, and it just hits him that he is in love with his best friend.”

Another user says “This is why Buck is learning about his feelings in psychotherapy. Buck does (did?) think of himself as a ladies’ man, and that doesn’t have to change much. Buck’s feelings for (and attraction to) Eddie are making Buck see more of himself. Also, those hints haven’t quite been there since the beginning of the show. They started in Season 2 after Eddie was introduced and they started with Eddie (Santa’s elf). Except for Maddie’s comment to Josh, Eddie has been right there for (or the subject of) all the hints, even though Eddie has seen none of them.”

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Is Buck Gay on 911?

Oliver Stark, the actor who portrays Buck, has shown eagerness to explore Buck’s sexuality in the show. Nevertheless, he has not verified that Buck is gay.

Has Buck had any relationships in ‘9-1-1’?

In the series, Buck is involved with characters such as Abby Clark, Ali Martin, and Taylor Kelly.

Will there be further exploration of his sexuality?

The show has suggested that it may delve more deeply into this aspect of Buck’s life in future episodes without identifying specific details.

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