is kails son isaac gay

Is Kails Son Isaac Gay? Is He Attracted to Boys?

Kailyn Lowry’s son Isaac is her first child with her high school boyfriend, Jo Rivera. Isaac was born in January 2010, and because his mom is famous for being on the TV show Teen Mom 2, he’s been in the spotlight since then. People are curious to know if Kail’s son Isaac is gay.

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Is Kails Son Isaac Gay?

There is no source indicating that Isaac Rivera that he is gay. Isaac’s private life and any related information about him will be shared alone if and when he decides to share it. 

It is worth noting that everyone has the right to maintain secrets, including Isaac. Making assumptions about someone’s attraction without their consent can be damaging and disrespectful.

One should check well-known news sources or official statements from Kailyn Lowry or Isaac himself for the most current information. Nevertheless, as an all-important fact, every person deserves kindness and respect regardless of whom they are attracted to. We shall continue to think with sympathy and acceptance

If Isaac shares this part of himself in the future, it should be on his terms. Until then, we should leave his privacy alone rather than make conjectures about it. This personal journey belongs solely to Isaac; he will open up when he feels like doing so in his own good time.

How Does Kail Son Isaac’s Gender Rumor Begin?

The rumors about Isaac Rivera, the son of Kailyn Lowry from the show ‘Teen Mom 2‘, being attracted to other boys might have started from a misunderstanding or people reading too much into some of the things Isaac did or said. 

However, it is essential to remember that these are just rumors, and Isaac has no proof or official word to back them up.

Kailyn has been open about supporting people of all attractions and identities and has involved Isaac in activities promoting equality. Isaac has also been described as curious and open-minded, not afraid to challenge what is considered “normal.” These things might have contributed to the rumors.

Some people think Isaac might share that he is attracted to other boys later in life, but it is imperative to stress that these rumors are not based on anything until Isaac says something about it.

One person on Reddit was hopeful that Kailyn would be helpful in this situation because she is smart and accepts her kids for who they are. If Isaac does not want to share that part of himself, avoiding gossip and respecting his journey is best.

Does Isaac Elliot Rivera Have A Girlfriend?

For instance, in December 2020, there were reports that Isaac Elliot Rivera, Kailyn Lowry’s son from ‘Teen Mom 2’ had a girlfriend as said by Vee Rivera, his stepmother, broke the news while hosting their podcast show, ‘ Baby Mamas No Drama. However, this news was not confirmed by Issac.

Nonetheless, it is still unknown to Isaac who this person is. Let’s be guided by ethics and avoid hypothesizing about other people’s lives.

Why Does Kail Not Want Isaac To Look Like Her?

Why Does Kail Not Want Isaac To Look Like Her

Reddit users have many views on this question:

“I really do think Isaac is one of those kids that looks exactly like both parents. If he stands next to Jo, he looks like Jo. If he stands next to Kail, he looks like Kail. He is a really good mix of the two of them!”

“It’s cause she fetishes poc so she doesn’t want her kids to look white.”

“I think he, like most children, shares characteristics with both of his parents.

Idk why Kail is the only cast member who chooses this hill to die on with most of her kids, like her saga of insisting Lux and Creed were nearly identical. Kail’s understanding of genetics is much like her grasp on reality… tenuous.”

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