was Tupac Shakur gay

Was Tupac Shakur Gay? A lot Of Rumors About His Sexuality

Tupac Shakur was a famous rapper and songwriter. He also went by 2Pac and Makaveli. Born in New York City on June 16, 1971, he is considered one of the greatest and most influential rappers ever. This figure of 75 million copies of his music albums sold worldwide is vast!

As an example of such work, his songs featured social issues such as the life that African Americans undergo, which is unfair, violence in neighborhoods, and how they are always left out. His music was strong enough to speak for those who could not articulate their needs.

Right now, we will find something strange: Was Tupac Shakur gay?

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Was 2Pac Gay?

Was 2Pac Gay

People have been wondering and also speaking a lot as regards whether Tupac Shakur was gay or not. This is one of those unanswerable questions. Tupac never really said anything definite about his sexual attraction.

Some say they heard rumors or claims that Tupac was gay or attracted to both sexes. They also claim there were hints that he might have had romantic relationships with men or experiences that showed he was attracted to other guys.

However, the others maintain a contrary opinion towards these allegations. They assert that Tupac once had romantic relations with women and supported the LGBTQ community, hence proving he wasn’t gay himself.

There are different ideas and perspectives on this topic from various sources. Some people think this way, while others think otherwise. Nevertheless, indeed, we may never know for sure since Tupac didn’t tell us what his sexual attraction was.

Speculations About Tupac Shakur’s Sexual Orientation

For many years, there have been a lot of rumors about the sexuality of Tupac Shakur. These speculations were probably motivated by his critics, who used different things like his looks, behavior, or social contacts. However, it is worth noting that these are only presumptions and not hard facts.

Tupac himself never stated publicly that he was anything else apart from being heterosexual, and he had relationships with several women during his lifetime. He also got married at some point in his life and even had an engagement just before death took him away.

Despite the gossip as well as opinions held against him, Tupac showed support for the homosexual community and disapproved of homophobia plus discrimination. 

Even after his death, people globally still draw inspiration from both his music and activism despite what he did privately or, rather, his sexual orientation. It is essential to remember that one’s sexuality does not define one’s talent or contribution to society.

What Do Reddit Users Have to Say About His Gender?

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Tupac Shakur’s Views on The LGBTQ

Tupac Shakur embraced the LGBTQ+ community with a progressive and open mind:

  • There was none in Tupac’s discourse that gave him any worries about homosexuals, but he advocated that people should respect their choices.
  • He believed in a good God who loved everyone regardless of one’s sexual identity.
  • Tupac openly lobbied for gay rights and detested homophobia and discrimination against them vehemently.
  • Rumors swirled over his personal life, but Tupac spoke on homosexuality and LGBT liberties.
  • He was close to Gianni Versace, an openly homosexual designer.
  • His wide-ranging music and art tastes included artists from all walks of life.

It is of great significance that these opinions were shared when such progressive attitudes were less popular than they are now. His support for the LGBTQ+ community remains part of what he left behind when he died.

Tupac Shakur Relationship Timeline

Tupac Shakur Relationship Timeline

Tupac Shakur’s timeline of relationships included the following:


They dated for a year and a few months in 1993 after being introduced to each other by Rosie Perez at an award event. Madonna said they were together as much as 2015, and Tupac wrote her a letter while in jail for breaking up with her because of her skin color.

Jada Pinkett Smith

They met in school, but their relationship was purely platonic. Tupac was ready to marry Jada, but she declined. Their friendship had its highs and lows. Jada calls Tupac her “soulmate.”

Faith Evans

Some people mistook them as lovers when Faith Evans posted a picture of them. However, Faith denied that they ever dated. Tupac married Keisha Morris while he was serving an eleven-month sentence for misbehavior.

Keisha Morris

On April 29th, 1995, Tupac married Keisha while serving a prison term on his birthday. However, this marriage did not last long, which ended five months upon release from jail, which lasted till March 1996.

Jara Everett

Not much is known about their relationship.

Whitney Houston

In his book, Bobby Brown says Whitney Houston slept with Tupac Shakur during their marriage.

Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Whitaker

Tupac and Yo-Yo were each professional rappers. They became friends and later started dating, and in the end, they became like siblings.

Kidada Jones

Tupac met Kidada at a nightclub just before one of his court hearings in 1995. They began dating but ended when Tupac died after being shot multiple times while riding a car in a drive-by shooting in 1996.

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What allegations were made regarding Tupac’s sexual orientation? 

Tupac’s opponents always kept afloat certain rumors about his sexual orientation. Also, some people claimed that he had sex with men or was sexually abused in prison.

Did Tupac support LGBT rights?

Through interviews and music, Tupac demonstrated approval of the LGBT community. For instance, he admitted that he did not have any problems with gays, adding that respect is all they needed.

How did Tupac’s family and friends respond to the allegations of his sexuality being gay?

Tupac’s relatives and close allies roundly dismissed these stories. They accused those behind these aspersions as haters of their name.

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