Is Colby Brock Bisexual

Is Colby Brock Bisexual? Rumors Due To His Close Friendship

Colby Brock, whose full name is Cole Robert Brock, is a well-known person on social media. He became famous as one-half of Sam and Colby’s video-making team alongside his friend Sam Golbach. 

They mostly explore haunted houses and other scary places for their YouTube videos. Colby also has his own YouTube channel called Colby Brock, where he posts more horror and scary things. Today, we will find out if Colby Brock is a lesbian.

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Is Colby Brock Bisexual Or Gay?


Colby Brock has not publicly said what his sexual orientation is. He was briefly connected to fellow YouTuber Amber Scholl, but they have said that they are ‘just friends.’ There was also talk that he was dating YouTuber Sam Golbach, but Brock addressed the talk himself in one of his videos. It’s important to remember that someone’s sexual orientation is a personal matter and should be respected.

Why Do People Think Colby Brock As Bisexual?

People think Colby Brock might be bisexual for various reasons and talk within the public space. One of the main reasons for these thoughts is his close friendship with Sam Golbach, with whom he shares a house and has a big online presence.

Additionally, Colby Brock has not publicly shared details about his romantic relationships, leading to further talks about his sexual orientation.

Furthermore, a tweet where Colby expressed love for his LGBTQ fans has also started discussions about his sexuality.

These things combined have contributed to the idea that Colby Brock might be bisexual, although he has not confirmed or denied these talks.

What He Has To Say About These Bisexual Rumors?

In one of his videos, Colby Brock spoke to the rumors that had been circulating surrounding his sexual preference.

He once stumbled upon articles insinuating that he was having a relationship with Sam Golbach, another YouTuber; such claims soon sparked curiosity about his sexuality. In response, he made a video titled “Colby Brock Coming Out,” where he did not outright deny or confirm this rumor but rather laughed at it indirectly.

What is important to remember is that someone’s sexual orientation is a personal matter and should be respected. Speculating without any word from the person in question can lead to misinformation and possible hurt.

Who Is Colby Brock Dating? (Colby Brock Girlfriend 2024)

Who Is Colby Brock Dating

Colby Brock has been linked to some people but likes to keep his personal life private. This is what we know about who he has dated:

Amber Scholl

There was talk that Colby was dating fellow YouTuber Amber Scholl. People started talking after Colby and Amber each made a video with the other around mid-2020. However, they have both said they are ‘just friends’.

Akira Akbar

There was a suggestion that Colby might be dating Brennen Taylor’s ex-girlfriend, Akira Akbar. They are said to have met through shared friends and dated since 2019.

As of now, Colby Brock may be single.


Has Colby Brock had a girlfriend before?

Colby Brock was once linked with Amber Scholl, another YouTuber, though they denied any romantic involvement.

Could it be that Colby Brock dated Sam Golbach?

Indeed he was rumored to be dating Sam Golbach, the YouTuber, but this has been confirmed by a video of Colby in which he said, “we are best friends.”

What does Colby Brock think about mental health?

Colby is an advocate for mental health issues. On his platform, Colby tells his story and encourages conversation on mental well-being.

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