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Is Former NFL Player Kordell Stewart Gay? Exploring the Rumors

Former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart has lived a very private life since retiring from football after the 2005 season. But that hasn’t stopped lots of gossip and rumors from spreading about Stewart’s sexual orientation for almost 20 years. Is the former athlete who was married to reality star Towanda Braxton hiding that he’s gay? Or are the ongoing rumors just unfair gossip based on outdated stereotypes? Let’s look at the evidence and theories about whether Kordell Stewart is gay.

Past Dating Relationships

Looking at who Kordell Stewart has dated, it seems like he’s been interested in women. He was married to reality TV personality Towanda Braxton from 2001 to 2013. They had two kids together before getting an ugly divorce that played out publicly.

kordell stewart with Towanda Braxton
kordell stewart with Towanda Braxton

Before Braxton, Stewart was engaged to another woman named Tanya Richardson in the late 1990s, though they never actually got married. He hasn’t gone public with any other serious relationships since his divorce.

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Rumor Origins

The rumors that Stewart might be gay first started going around in the early 2000s, around the time his marriage to Towanda was ending. People claimed Stewart’s interests in academics, fashion, and home decor made some wonder if he was gay.

However, Stewart has never directly addressed the rumors about his sexuality. In interviews, he has vaguely said he keeps his personal life “private” after his divorce. Not addressing it directly has allowed the speculation to continue for almost 20 years.

The Alleged Sex Video

One of the biggest rumors was about a supposed video that claimed to show Stewart doing a sexual act with another man. The video never actually surfaced publicly, but gossip about it spread quickly online in the late 2000s.

Stewart threatened to sue any outlets that released the alleged video, but he never confirmed or denied whether the video existed. The mystery around it made some people believe even more that he could be gay and hiding it.

Braxton Family Fuels Speculation

When Towanda’s sister Trina Braxton was on the reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she added to the flames about Stewart’s sexuality. She claimed he had a male friend he was “too close” with and said it was inappropriate for a married man.

These comments, plus Towanda’s own hints that she felt Stewart was attracted to men, made many fans believe the rumors were true. However, the Braxton sisters never outright said Stewart was gay.

The Ongoing Mystery

Now 48 years old and long retired from the NFL, Stewart remains a mystery when it comes to his sexual orientation. He has stayed single and lived an extremely private life away from the spotlight.

His refusal to address the topic directly has allowed doubters to keep looking for any “clues” about his sexuality in his hobbies, friends, and mannerisms. Unless he decides to open up, the gay rumors will likely continue indefinitely.

While there’s no solid proof Stewart is gay, the ongoing gossip shows society still struggles to separate sexual orientation from outdated stereotypes about gender roles. Whether gay or straight, Stewart’s right to privacy should be respected.

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