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Is Felix Mallard Gay? His Private Life Leads to Rumors

Felix Mallard is an actor from Australia. He plays music and models, too. He is known for playing Ben Kirk on the show Neighbours. He has also been in the shows Happy Together on CBS and Ginny & Georgia on Netflix. 

Felix started acting in 2014 and has worked since then. Because of some of his actions, he became very famous in entertainment. In this blog, we will find out if Felix Mallard is gay.

Felix Mallard Quick Facts

Full NameFelix Cooper Mallard
Date of Birth20 April 1998
ProfessionActor, Musician, Model
Notable RolesBen Kirk in ‘Neighbours’, Cooper in ‘Happy Together’, Marcus Baker in ‘Ginny & Georgia’
Musical TalentGuitarist and singer in punk rock band Enemies Alike
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)

Is Felix Mallard Gay?


Felix Mallard has not said he is gay. His sexual orientation is private. From what we know, he seems to be straight. But it is important to let people keep things about their personal life private. 

It is best to depend on trusted news sources when it comes to someone’s sexual orientation. We will let you know if we get more information about Felix Mallard’s sexual orientation.

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Why do People think Felix Mallard is Gay?

Some people may think Felix Mallard is gay because he does not talk about his relationships. However, we should not guess someone’s sexual orientation just because they are private. It is important not to believe rumors unless there are facts. We must respect people’s privacy and not spread rumors without proof.

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Is Felix Mallard Active in Any Social Causes?

Felix Mallard uses his fame to support important causes. He has shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement. He has spoken out against racism and police hurting people. He has also talked about showing mental health issues the right way in TV and movies.

Who is Felix Mallard’s Girlfriend?

Who is Felix Mallard's Girlfriend

Felix Mallard’s girlfriend is Zoe Cramond. She is an actress from New Zealand. People first saw them together in 2018 at a special event in Hollywood. They also went together to a parade in Sydney in 2019. People have not seen them together since 2021. But fans think they may still be dating because they seem close on their show.

However, it is vital to note that Felix Mallard is single as of June 2024, according to some sources.

Felix Mallard Movies and TV Shows

2014-2019NeighboursBen Kirk
2018-2019Happy TogetherCooper James
2021-Ginny & GeorgiaMarcus Baker
2020All the Bright PlacesRoamer
2024Turtles All the Way Down


Has Felix Mallard talked about if he is gay or straight?

No, he has not said anything about his sexual orientation publicly.

Why do people wonder if Felix Mallard is gay?

Famous people often have people guessing about their personal lives, but we should respect their privacy.

Is it okay to ask someone if they are gay?

A person’s sexual orientation is private unless they choose to talk about it themselves.

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