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Is Gary Lineker Gay? His Remarks Leads To Lot Of Tales

Gary Lineker is a famous English TV person and former soccer player. He scored the most goals for three clubs: Leicester City, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur.

Newly, Gary was in the news because the BBC told him to stop hosting the TV show Match of the Day. This occurred after Gary slammed the government’s new rules about people seeking safety in the nation on social media.

Because of this news, many people want to know about Gary’s personal life and if he likes men or women. In this article, we will talk about whether Gary Lineker is gay or not.

Is Gary Lineker Gay?


Is Gary Lineker Gay? No, he is straight, and no news describes him as gay. therefore, it is a wise idea to depend on reliable sources when it comes to someone’s sexual orientation. Moreover we will update you when we have more details on his sexual orientation.

Why Rumors Begin for His Sexual Orientation?

Gary Lineker says ‘I know 2 gay players – coming out would send Qatar a message’
byu/efranklin13 insoccer

People have talked about Gary Lineker’s sexual orientation because he supports LGBTQ+ rights and gay soccer players. He has spoken up about the need for gay soccer players to be open about who they are. Gary has even known at least two gay Premier League players who were close to telling people they are gay.

How Has Gary Lineker Responded to the Backlash From His Comments?

The comments made by Gary Lineker about knowing gay Premier League footballers who may be on the verge of coming out have drawn a backlash. Critics, including Jack Murley, anchor of BBC’s LGBT Sports podcast, expressed their disapproval at Lineker’s statements, arguing they pressured players who were not prepared to come out yet.

Murley tweeted about it, and ridiculously speaking, Lineker replied, “Hiy, a, obviously my intention was honorable but I’ve just had a read through your thread and appreciate what you’re saying. Thank you for sharing.” This is an indication that he is open to receiving views from individuals with apprehensions regarding his arguments.

Gary Lineker Partner Tony

Gary Lineker Dating Timeline (Is Gary Lineker Married?)


Here is a timeline of who Gary Lineker has dated:

1986 – 2006: Married to Michelle Cockayne. They had 4 sons together named George, Harry, Tobias, and Angus.

2007: Started dating Danielle Bux, a model and actress who was 20 years younger than him.

2009: Married Danielle Bux in Italy.

2016: Divorced from Danielle Bux after 7 years of marriage.

Since 2016: Has been mostly single, going on some dates but not having a serious relationship. He has said he is “happy on my own” and does not want to get married again.

Gary Lineker is still close friends with his ex-wife Danielle Bux. She is now married to an American lawyer and has a daughter. Gary and Danielle still spend time together as a family.

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Is Gary Lineker open about his personal life?

Gary Lineker keeps his personal life private. He does not talk publicly about his relationships or sexual orientation. His private life is unknown.

Has Gary Lineker ever been linked with someone of the same sex?

No, Gary Lineker has never been publicly linked to or associated with any same-sex relationships. He keeps his private life very private.

Are there any photos or videos of Gary Lineker with someone of the same sex?

There are no real photos or videos of Gary Lineker with someone of the same sex that could show his sexual orientation. His private life has been kept very private.

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