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Is Gorlock The Destroyer Trans? Is Ali C. Lopez Really Trans?

Ali C. Lopez, a blogger, appeared on the Whatever Podcast in late April 2023. Due to her larger physical appearance compared to the other guests, she was given the nickname “Gorlock the Destroyer.” This nickname led to widespread jokes and memes about her online.

Currently, she is famous due to her recent actions, and people are curious about her sexual orientation and dating history. We aim to answer the question: “Is Gorlock the Destroyer transgender?”

Is Gorlock the Destroyer Trans?

Is Gorlock the Destroyer Trans

Ali C. Lopez, known as “Gorlock the Destroyer,” is a transgender woman. She has openly talked about her gender identity and shared pictures of herself before her transition on social media platforms like TikTok. 

By being transparent, she has helped create a positive and welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community, especially when facing growing negativity towards LGBTQ+ people online.

Recently introduced to the meme ‘Gorlock the destroyer’ which is still making rounds in conservative spaces. I felt bad for Ali, people were being unbelievably transphobic and I thought she was being exploited by those assholes on the ‘whatever’ podcast. But maybe that’s not the case..
byu/Burning_BUSSY intruscum

How Has Gorlock the Destroyer Influenced the Transgender Community?

She has had a mixed impact on the transgender community:

Positive Impact

  • She has been open about her transgender identity, sharing pictures from before her transition and talking about her gender on social media. This visibility can be empowering for the trans community.
  • Her confidence and self-acceptance, despite facing online mockery and criticism, can be inspiring for other transgender individuals.

Controversial Impact

  • She has faced significant backlash and transphobic comments, with many people mocking her appearance and size instead of focusing on her identity. This exploitation and ridicule can be harmful to the trans community.
  • Her decision to associate with conservative media figures and participate in controversial dating stunts has been criticized by some as potentially reinforcing negative stereotypes about transgender people.

Ongoing Debate

There is an ongoing debate within the transgender community about whether Gorlock is being exploited or is willingly participating in her viral fame. Some see her as empowered, while others view her as being used for attention.

Overall, Gorlock the Destroyer’s influence on the transgender community is complex, with both positive aspects, like visibility and self-acceptance, and negative aspects, like the way she has been treated and the choices she has made, which have sparked controversy and concern.

How Does She Handle the Trans Rumors?

Gorlock the Destroyer has been involved in several discussions about her gender identity and the transgender community. Here’s how she handles trans rumors:

Body Image and Self-Acceptance: Gorlock has been open about feeling comfortable in her body. She emphasizes the importance of self-love and not following society’s beauty standards.

Gender Identity: Gorlock has stated that she is a woman, and her gender is not defined by her physical appearance. She emphasizes understanding gender as a social construct, not just biological characteristics.

Transgenderism and Femininity: In a video, Gorlock discussed her views that a woman is defined by her actions and personality, not solely by physical appearance. She emphasized the importance of women being nurturing and warm, regardless of being cisgender or transgender.

Body Modification and Plastic Surgery: Gorlock has shared her preference for a more natural approach to self-care and body acceptance while understanding some trans women’s desire for these procedures.

Influencer Status and Virality: Gorlock’s influencer status and viral fame have led to positive and negative reactions from the transgender community. While some admire her openness and confidence, others have criticized her for potentially reinforcing negative stereotypes or being used for attention.

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Who is Gorlock the Destroyer’s Boyfriend?

Who is Gorlock the Destroyer's Boyfriend

Regarding her relationship status, not much information is available. She is single and unmarried and has not revealed anything about having a partner. Interestingly, she has openly expressed her preference for dating financially stable partners. She emphasizes her success and financial independence regarding her dating choices.


What made Gorlock The Destroyer famous?

Her appearance on episode 69 of the Whatever podcast, where she rated herself a “perfect ten,” gained her immense popularity.

What controversies has she faced?

N3on, another streamer, verbally attacked her during a livestream, causing controversy.

How does she describe herself?

She proudly identifies as a “perfect ten,” super healthy, and a certified bad bitch.

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