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Teddy Swims’ Sexuality: Is He Gay or Are They Just Rumors?

Jaten Collin Dimsdale, popularly known as Teddy Swims, is an American singer-songwriter born on September 25, 1992. With a unique blend of R&B, soul, country, and pop, Teddy Swims has captivated audiences worldwide.

He initially gained recognition through his YouTube channel, where his soulful song covers attracted a significant following in 2019 and 2020. His rising popularity was cemented with the release of his third extended play, Tough Love, in 2022, which marked his debut on the Billboard 200.

Amid his growing fame, fans often inquire about various aspects of his personal life, including questions about his sexuality. This article delves into the topic: Is Teddy Swims gay?

Is Teddy Swims Gay? (Or Are There Only Rumors?)

Teddy Swims' Sexuality

No, Teddy Swims isn’t gay. Despite various rumors surrounding his sexuality, there is no truth to these stories. Teddy has not publicly discussed his sexuality, and there is no clear evidence to suggest that he is gay. In fact, he has been known to have relationships with women in the past.

The speculation about Teddy’s sexuality is unfounded and should be put to rest. Teddy Swims has consistently shown his support for the LGBTQ+ community, which might have led to these rumors. He has participated in Pride events, donned colorful, rainbow-themed clothing, and shared supportive messages on social media.

For example, in June 2020, Teddy posted a video of himself singing a song by Judy Garland, an icon in the gay community, with the message, “Happy Pride Month! Love is love!” He also included the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter to express his commitment to racial equality.

Again, in June 2021, he shared another video singing a song by Lady Gaga, beloved by the LGBTQ+ community, stating, “Happy Pride Month! You are beautiful just as you are!” while wearing a rainbow shirt and hat. These actions demonstrate his allyship and support for LGBTQ+ rights, rather than indicating his own sexuality.

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Teddy Swims Past Relationships

Yes, Teddy Swims was in a relationship with a woman named Nelly in 2020. On Valentine’s Day that year, he posted a heartfelt slideshow on Instagram, expressing that he’s learning that home isn’t just a place but a bond they share.

Nelly responded with a sweet message, mentioning how she had loved him for a long time, and Teddy affectionately referred to her as his queen in the comments. Their relationship drew a lot of positive attention, with many people congratulating them and even wishing them a happy marriage.

There was some confusion about their marital status when someone assumed they were married, but Teddy clarified that Nelly was his girlfriend.

On his 28th birthday, Nelly shared a touching post about Teddy being her best friend and the source of her happiness. There’s also some uncertainty about whether Teddy was ever married, with many speculating it might have been to Nelly, especially after she hinted at a second chance in life in a now-deleted tweet.

Who Is Teddy Swims Currently Dating?

Yes, Teddy Swims is currently dating Raiche Wright. The 31-year-old singer recently made this relationship public during a particularly special trip to Ireland.

During his Dublin gig, Teddy invited Raiche on stage to perform a romantic duet of a Shania Twain song, which quickly went viral. This public display marked the official introduction of their relationship to his fans, solidifying their bond in the eyes of the public.

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Q1: Is Teddy Swims Gay?

No, Teddy Swims is not gay. Despite various rumors, there is no substantial evidence to suggest he is gay. He has not publicly discussed his sexual orientation but has been known to date women.

Q2: Who Is Teddy Swims Currently Dating?

Teddy Swims is currently dating Raiche Wright. He publicly introduced their relationship during a concert in Dublin, where they performed a romantic duet together.

Q3: Has Teddy Swims Ever Been in A Relationship with A Woman?

Yes, Teddy Swims was in a relationship with a woman named Nelly in 2020. They publicly shared their affection on social media, although there were no confirmed reports of marriage between them.

Q4: Why Do People Think Teddy Swims Is Gay?

The rumors about Teddy Swims’ sexuality likely stem from his strong support for the LGBTQ+ community. He has participated in Pride events, worn rainbow-themed clothing, and shared supportive messages on social media.

Q5: Did Teddy Swims and Nelly Ever Get Married?

No, despite some fan speculation and confusion, there is no evidence to suggest that Teddy Swims and Nelly ever got married.


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