Is Greg Gutfeld Gay

Is Greg Gutfeld Gay? His Suggestions Behind Gay Rumors

Famous as Gutfeld might be, he never lets anyone in on the details of his life. A famous person’s data is increasingly hidden as they try to hide it. 

You may be asking yourself today whether or not Greg Gutfeld is gay, but I have to tell you that Greg Gutfeld is straight and married to a beautiful woman. 

However, they do not plan on having any children together. All questions about his sexuality will be answered here.

A TV show host, who is also a comic and a writer, is making headlines now because of his sexual preference and open support for LGBTQ+ rights.

Today, we will find out “Is Greg Gutfeld Gay?”

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Is Greg Gutfeld Gay?

Is Greg Gutfeld Gay (1)

Certainly, Greg Gutfeld is not a homosexual. He has been married to Elena Moussa for the longest time since 2004. The rumors about his sexual orientation appear to have started because of his open support for the LGBTQ+ community as well as discussions about gay marriage on his show. There is, however, no basis for these speculations. It should be remembered that advocating for LGBTQ+ rights does not necessarily mean someone is gay.

How Speculations About Greg Gutfeld Gender Begins?

The rumors about Greg Gutfeld being a homosexual probably begun when he openly backed up the LGBTQ+ community and talked about gay marriage on the show “The Five”. 

He proposed that conservatives could take advantage of gay weddings to “antagonize the left”. Again, it has been claimed that he was responsible for setting up New York City’s first gay Islamic bar near Park51 Islamic community center. Nevertheless, these allegations seem baseless because Greg Gutfeld is not homosexual.

What He Have to Say About These Gay Rumors?

Addressing these rumors in a satirical and funny manner, Greg gave a suggestion for the establishment of a gay bar right next to the Park51 Islamic community center in New York City12. 

“I’m looking to build and open the first gay bar which caters not only to the east but also Islamic men who are gay. To emphasize how much I want an honest dialogue about that issue, it would be put near Park51 mosque on an empty commercial space. I swear this is real. A number of investors that I have talked to have vowed their support for this nonpartisan attempt at understanding and tolerance”, he said.

He added, “As you know well, Islam is very traditional when it comes to homosexuality so I am going to construct a pub.” It was his way of dispelling the rumors and also defending his involvement with LGBTQ+ people.

Is Greg Gutfeld Married Or Not? (Who Is Elena Moussa?)

Who is Greg Gutfeld wife? Yes, guys. Gutfeld’s married. These two got hitched in 2004. Elena Moussa is a former Russian model who works as a fashion stylist and photo editor for Maxim Russia. He met the photographer and the editor when he lived for three years in London.

Is Greg Gutfeld married

Five months of dating led to their wedding at City Hall in New York City. She attended Parsons School of Design and the New York Fashion Institute of Technology when she was 40.

According to one source, Moussa founded her design company, The Moussa Project, in 2011. She has several social media accounts, with only a few detailing her home and fashion designs that she makes.

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Wrapping Up 

Is Greg Gutfeld homosexual? This is one among the many questions put to him by his fans. You know he isn’t.

He would not have married a woman and remained loyal to her only if Greg Gutfeld were gay. We must, therefore, trust that he is a heterosexual man through and through, given that he loves his wife completely.


Did Greg Gutfeld ever get involved romantically with a man?

No he has not. He and Elena Moussa have been married for almost 20 years.

What’s his stance on gay rights?

He is very much for LGBTQ+ rights and has in different instances come out openly in support of the community.

Is Greg Gutfeld married? 

Yes, Greg Gutfeld is married. He has been married to Elena Moussa since 2004

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