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Is Harry Styles Bisexual? Singer Discusses Sexuality in New Interview

While Harry Styles hasn’t directly stated what his sexuality is, the very popular singer has said things over the years that suggest he has an open and flexible view when it comes to gender and sexual labels. 

In a 2019 interview with The Guardian, Styles was directly asked if he puts a label on his sexuality. His response was casual but meaningful – “It’s not like I’m hiding an answer. It’s who cares? Does that make sense? I am who I am.”

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Seeing Sexuality as a Wide Range

The former One Direction star, who became hugely famous after being put into the boy band on The X Factor in 2010, has portrayed himself as someone who views sexuality and gender identity not as just two options, but as a broad range. 

“I think everyone, including myself at times, has felt uncomfortable having to strictly explain or define their sexuality or who they are,” Styles explained to Better Homes & Gardens in 2022 when asked about LGBTQ+ pride events.

Hinting at Bisexuality Without Saying It Directly

While the 28-year-old hasn’t outright said he is bisexual, many of Styles’ public comments seem to suggest he doesn’t fully identify with traditional, fixed sexual labels. Rather, he embraces the idea that sexuality exists on a spectrum or range. “I want to make people see things in a new way,” he told The Face magazine last year. “It opens someone’s mind when they go, ‘Oh, I didn’t think of it like that before.'”

Blurring Traditional Gender Expectations

Styles’ unique fashion sense, wearing traditionally feminine clothing like dresses and skirts alongside masculine looks, has been widely seen as a visual way he represents his flexible views on gender expression. His bold style choices challenge rigid ideas about how people should dress based on gender.

Part of a Larger Trend with Celebrities

If the “As It Was” singer has hinted at bisexuality or non-binary sexuality indirectly, he’s not alone in the celebrity world. Other young stars like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have openly talked in recent years about identifying as sexually fluid, rather than strictly gay or bisexual. It signals a potential shift, particularly among younger generations, in how sexual orientation is viewed.

“I Am Who I Am”

Harry Styles with taylor swift
Harry Styles with taylor swift

While Styles’ past high-profile relationships have included models and pop stars like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift, when it comes to the specific details of his romantic and sexual interests, he has made a point to avoid labels and keep some mystery. 

Harry Styles with kendall jenner
Harry Styles with kendall jenner

As he simply put it, “I am who I am.” This casual attitude about his sexuality has been viewed as a confident, positive thing by his huge fanbase worldwide, who praise the “Watermelon Sugar” singer for rejecting outdated societal rules about gender roles and sexual identities.

Speculation may continue about whether Styles privately identifies as bisexual, gay, or something else. But if his own words are any indication, he seems determined not to be put into any one strict sexual category. 

For Styles, the whole concept may be irrelevant; perhaps the main thing is being attracted to people rather than a specific gender. By keeping things open-ended and undefined, the famous musician is doing his part to normalize fluid sexuality as just another way of being.

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