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Is Angelina Jolie Bisexual? Is Angelina Jolie Into Both Men and Women?

For a long time now, people have wondered if famous actress Angelina Jolie might be interested in both men and women. The actress who has won the Oscars has said some things over the years that make people think she could romantically like men and women. Let’s look at what she has said and the hints behind the rumors that she’s into both.

Way back in 2003, Jolie interviewed with the magazine Elle. They straight up asked her if she was into both men and women. She said, “If I fell in love with a woman tomorrow, would I feel okay about wanting to kiss and touch her? If I fell in love with her? Absolutely! Yes!” A lot of people point to this quote as Jolie suggesting she’s open to being with women.

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Saying She’ll “Cross Any Line”

In another big interview from 2003 with the magazine OK!, they asked Jolie if she was into men and women. She said, “There’s no line I can’t cross.” She has called herself “very sexual” and open about sexuality in different interviews over the years.

Relationships With Women In The Past

Angelina Jolie Jenny Shimizu
Angelina Jolie Jenny Shimizu

Jolie was photographed kissing her co-star Jenny Shimizu right on the lips back in 1996, which added to the rumors she likes women. Some of her past romantic relationships with women like model Jenny Shimizu and her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton saying they had sexual relationships with other women when they were married have also made people wonder.

Sexuality Stays Private, Not Labeled

However, Jolie has never actually used the word “bisexual” to describe herself. In interviews, she usually avoids putting a label on her sexuality. She simply says she celebrates love no matter what. She has said “I’ll try anything once,” but has stayed pretty private about her personal romantic life.

So while Angelina Jolie has said some things that seem to hint she’s open to being with women and has an open sexuality, she’s never outright stated she’s into both men and women. The rumors keep going though, fueled by her sexy, wild public image. Only Jolie knows for sure, and she seems okay with keeping details of her private romantic life to herself.

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