Is Joe Johnson Gay

Is Joe Johnson Gay? Gossip Within The LGBTQ Community

Joe Johnson was an excellent basketball player. He played for the NBA with teams such as Celtics, Suns, Hawks, Nets, Heat, Jazz, and Rockets. He held positions as a shooting guard and small forward.

Joe Johnson was very effective in putting up points on the board. 7 times Joe made it into the All-Star games! That means he was one of the best players. Joe Johnson is also great at scoring one-on-one.

Many people are curious about Joe Johnson’s private life. There are many rumors that he might be gay. We will seek to solve this puzzle now.

Is Joe Johnson Gay?


Joe Johnson likes to keep things secret. He does not tell people about his own life. He might like romantically, but we do not know whom. It is a hidden thing.

Remember, it’s their own business who someone likes romantically. We don’t have to speculate unless they feel like sharing it.

It is essential these days that we respect people’s privacy—no need to pry into their personal lives in any way. If Joe Johnson decides to let people know whom he likes romantically, He will do so appropriately. 

In the meantime, let’s stay on his basketball achievements, as there are many good things about him in this game. He has done great, and basketball fans everywhere are pleased with his skills and industry.

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Sources of The Rumors About Joe Johnson’s Sexual Orientation

The rumors about John Johnson’s sexual orientation are based on talks and gossip within the LGBTQ community, mainly in connection with his ice dancing partnership with Karina Manta. 

Joe Johnson and Karina Manta have been partnered since 2014, and at Skate America in Seattle in 2018, they were seen together even as Nick McCarvel was tweeting about their LGBTQ+ identities. 

This is what made any chatter on social media, or public discussions start concerning Joe Johnson’s sexuality. They have brought much attention to this partnership through pride flags in the stadium and other positive interactions on different platforms. 

These rumors have acquired steam because of their openness about themselves and the visibility they have shown regarding sports and their LGBTQ+ identity.

Joe Johnson Relationship Timeline

Joe Marcus Johnson, the basketball player, keeps his life private. But we know a bit about his past love life:

Candise Zepherin

Joe and Candise Zepherin were together for a long time. They even thought about getting married in 2017. But they ended their relationship in 2019. They have a child named Justice Johnson.

Shannon Becton

Before Candise, Joe was with Shannon Becton. They were happy until they decided to break up. They have a son named Gavin Johnson. After they broke up, Shannon took care of Gavin, and Joe had to give money every month to Gavin.

But Joe thought he was giving too much money. So, he asked the court to lower the amount. After some time, they agreed on an amount.

However, some stories have also said that Joe has been dating an Instagram model named Jessica Dykstra. They have been in a relationship for over three years. However, this news was later found false because no evidence supported it.

So, that’s what we know about Joe’s past love life. It’s crucial to respect people’s solitude. 

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Is Joe Johnson homosexual?

There is no information about whether or not he’s gay.

Has Joe Johnson ever publicly spoken about his homosexuality?

No. He has never discussed the sexual preference of Joe Johnson.

Are there any articles that talk about Joe Johnson’s sexuality?

No, none differ on the subject of Joe Johnson’s sexual orientation.

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